Help A Canadian Charity Get An ALIGNED Donation

Timing is EVERYTHING! Due to popular demand, our Give Generously charity campaign will run to Friday, August 30.

THANK YOU!!! A few weeks ago, we invited clients to nominate an inspiring Canadian charity for our much-anticipated 2019 donation. Well, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response we had! I’m pleased to advise that 21 great Canadian charities were nominated to receive our $2,000 Give Generously donation.

Now it’s your turn! All summer long, you can help a Canadian charity get ALIGNED with our $2,000 donation. Just keep visiting and sharing your favourite charity’s webpage frequently between now and August 30.

Here’s how you can help a charity get a $2K donation:

  1. Read about the 21 charities below. Pick a charity that inspires you and share its webpage with your social media networks frequently between now and August 30.
  2. SPREAD THE WORD! Encourage your colleagues and social networks to visit and also share the charity’s webpage.
  3. Like and share ALIGNED content about Give Generously charities on our social media feeds such as: @ALIGNEDonRiskFacebook and LinkedIn

Keep visiting, revisiting & sharing your favourite charity’s webpage between now and August 30!

The Canadian charity page below with the MOST visitors by 11:59 pm on Friday, August 30, 2019, will receive our Give Generously 2019 donation of $2,000.

Watch for a special July 2019 issue this e-newsletter where we’ll announce which one of these charities will receive the donation.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Please keep in mind that if you aren’t loving your insurance experience &/or broker/brokerage, we’d love to hear from you. Let us show you how things can be better!

Andrew Clark, MBA, CAIB, RF, FCIP, RPLU
President & CEO, ALIGNED Insurance Inc.
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Make your clicks count this summer

Give Generously 2019 – Our Social Responsibility Campaign

Give Generously is part of our Social Responsibility program and just 1 of 18 great reasons why Canadian organizations choose us for their business insurance needs. 

We are proud to deliver a different kind of insurance experience, one that is built upon three core beliefs:

  • Having “skin in the game” is important
  • Doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it
  • Fulfilling our social responsibility to help others

One of the most important things we do is give frequently, consistently and generously. Across Canada, every ALIGNED advocate and owner believes it is a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs and that we also have a social responsibility. to help others in a number of ways.

Each year, a portion of ALIGNED Insurance profits are donated to a Canadian charity that is nominated by an ALIGNED client. During the Give Generously campaign, people vote by visiting web pages that ALIGNED builds to celebrate each charity and the great work they do. 

Our annual Give Generously donation is made to the registered Canadian charity that receives the most “votes” which are recorded as web page sessions.

To learn more about Give Generously 2019, contact ALIGNED Insurance President & CEO Andrew Clark directly at 1-866-519-1321 or for more information.

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