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We know what it means to do insurance differently. But what exactly does “doing insurance differently” really mean? To us, it all starts with our deliberate focus on providing commercial insurance exclusively to Canadian businesses. Since day one, our sole and driving focus has been to deliver the very best expertise, products and services possible to our clients across the country. 

Because we know that every business is unique, we customize our offerings so that you can choose products and services that precisely match the level of service you want. When you work with ALIGNED, you get the service level you desire and only pay for the service you receive.

Each and every day, our team members across Canada are proud to provide a different kind of insurance experience to each and every ALIGNED client. And while there are 18 things that we do differently for our clients, what gives us the most pride in the work we do to align better solutions and more value for every business we support. 

Our commercial insurance focus is just one of the reasons why insurance professionals decide to become part of the ALIGNED team across Canada. Recently, we welcomed Robyn Selmes to our growing team. Robyn is an advocate and reports to our President and CEO Andrew Clark. She is based in our new National Operations Centre in Cambridge, Ontario. 

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Robyn is proud to be part of the ALIGNED Insurance team. In her own words, here is what Robyn has to say about ALIGNED. 

Q. Why did you join ALIGNED?

Robyn: After eleven years at the same brokerage, I was looking for a chance to grow my career as well as expand my knowledge. ALIGNED offered that opportunity and also kept the same close, team feeling that I loved about my previous position in the insurance industry.

Q. How did you first hear about ALIGNED?

Robyn: I actually first heard about ALIGNED Insurance through a recruiter. She had such amazing things to say about ALIGNED that I quickly became interested in learning more about the brokerage. After researching ALIGNED through its very unique and client-centric website as well as social media channels, I knew this was where I wanted to take my next step in the industry.

Q. In your opinion, what sets ALIGNED Insurance apart?

Robyn: Fundamentally, what I think sets ALIGNED apart is its focus on commercial insurance and a core belief in offering choice to clients. Choice is what stands out about ALIGNED – whether it’s the vast number of markets we can access or our unique fee for service option – we deliver commercial insurance differently.

Q. Why did you choose an insurance career?

Robyn: Actually, the insurance industry chose me. After finishing school at Mohawk College, I worked in various office jobs. I was hired in my first role as an assistant in the Commercial Lines department of an insurance brokerage. It didn’t take me long to recognize that I’d found my career, as insurance gives me the opportunity do the things I love – learn, grow and, most importantly, help customers.

Q. Tell us about your most recent professional designations.

Robyn: I obtained my RIBO license in 2009 and started working on my CAIB designation a couple of years later. I look forward to writing my final CAIB exam this summer. My plan is to start taking Canadian Risk Management courses this fall.

Q. Which of ALIGNED’s  18 points of differentiation do you find the most personally meaningful and why?

Robyn: Most definitely the fee-for-service option. I love that we give clients choice and specifically this option, which helps to make the selection and purchase of insurance products much more transparent. Personally, I also love the emphasis on continuing education for all ALIGNED team members as well.  

Q. In your career to date, what are you most proud of?

Robyn: I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve developed over the years with the clients I support. When I decided to join ALIGNED, one of the hardest things about leaving my previous position was saying goodbye to the many clients who I’d worked with closely for more than a decade. 

Q. In your opinion, what’s the most important service an insurance broker delivers to a client?

Robyn: Buying insurance is never anyone’s favourite purchase, especially as there are so many expenses already for businesses. The most important part of being an insurance broker is to help make the entire “insurance experience” as seamless and simple as possible. This can mean helping someone determine the right coverages or finding the best insurance companies to meet their specific needs. And, at the end of the day, it also means being there and helping people through any claims or concerns if and when they arise.  

Why entrepreneurial and growth-focused people decide to join the ALIGNED Insurance team

We’re proud to have a winning culture. ALIGNED is actively looking for people who are interested in being part of our rapidly growing team. We invite you to learn more about why Andrew Clark, our President and CEO, decided to found ALIGNED and our leadership

What we do differently. Social Responsibility and ALIGNED Insurance 

We know it is a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs across Canada. We also appreciate that it is our social responsibility to help others in a number of ways. Here are just a few examples of how we give:

Giving Generously. A portion of ALIGNED’s profits are donated to a registered Canadian charity each year. Our clients choose the charity we donate to with their votes. Learn more about our Give Generously campaign and how you can get involved.

Giving Frequently. We know that regularly helping others is important. Each month, a colleague selects a charity or non-profit organization to receive an ALIGNED Insurance donation.

Giving Consistently. We believe it is importantly to consistently help people. We actively encourage and support growth and development. We live this out by sponsoring a team of children through World Vision.

With Our Hearts and Hands. We lead by example. Each year, we support two annual volunteering days for every employee. We are proud that ALIGNED Insurance team members partner with the organizations that they are passionate about helping.

We are proud to consistently deliver experience, value and independent advice. We invite you to get an ALIGNED insurance quote!

We invite you to learn more about us, the ALIGNED Insurance team across Canada…

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