Our Giving Blueprint Guides Us

Socially responsive. Community focused.

Giving is foundational to us. Since 2014, we’ve donated to dozens of great Canadian charities. ALIGNED colleagues volunteer two days each year with organizations they are passionate about. We are constantly growing our social impact through our Giving Frequently and Giving Generously initiatives

Our Giving Frequently Initiative

People Helping People

Helping people handle uncertainty and risk is what we do. We give frequently and generously to great Canadian charities because we want to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Some Of The Charities We've Supported So far!

Since 2014, we’ve donated to more than 40 Canadian charities through our social responsibility initiatives. We know it’s a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs and that’s why giving frequently, consistently and generously is essential to all of us.

Our Giving Generously Initiative

What is Giving Generously?

Each year, a portion of our profits are donated to a registered Canadian charity. Firstly, our clients nominate a charity that is personally meaningful to them. During the campaign, people vote on a charity to receive our donation.

Our annual Giving Generously donation is made to a registered Canadian charity that is selected by ALIGNED’s clients and supporters.

Want to learn more about how we prioritize helping others over profit maximization?