Why Use An Insurance Broker Canada?

Why using an insurance broker is the best way to buy insurance?

Advocacy. No matter how well you plan and prepare when things go wrong for your business, you need to know there’s an advocate on your side. It’s the number one reason why a Canadian insurance broker is your best choice.

Unlike an insurance agent who represents one or more insurance companies in Canada, an insurance broker only represents you, the insurance buyer.

Here at ALIGNED Insurance, we take pride in delivering a different and better insurance experience to Canadian businesses. We focus exclusively on supporting commercial businesses and advocating on behalf of our clients across the country. Our commitment to you is the reason why the ALIGNED broker you work with acts as your advocate in the Canadian insurance marketplace.

Insurance Broker Canada
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Helping others is what drives your ALIGNED insurance broker

For us, insurance is personal. As a university student, ALIGNED President and CEO Andrew Clark’s life changed forever when he was involved in a serious auto accident for which he was at fault. Soon after the accident, Andrew received a $2,200,000 statement of claim.

To this day, the support that his insurance broker and insurance company provided still feels like a miracle. The insurance broker and the insurance company made certain that those involved received compensation for injuries incurred as well as repaired Andrew’s truck.

Recalling how his insurance broker advocated for him and others, Andrew was drawn to an insurance career. After rising through the ranks of two of the world’s largest insurance brokerages, Andrew’s passion for helping others brought him to a crossroads. He decided to create ALIGNED, an insurance brokerage that exclusively focuses on helping Canadian businesses.

Read more about Andrew’s story and how it led to the creation of ALIGNED Insurance.

Why an ALIGNED commercial insurance broker is your best advocate

We are always here for you. As insurance brokers, we know that aligning our insurance experts to understand and support your business is why so many people choose to work with us.

More specifically, here’s how the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada defines what brokers do for their clients:

“Brokers are licensed professionals whose primary purpose is to help their clients find the insurance protection that is right for them. They provide expert, unbiased advice on insuring your home, car or business.

A broker works for you, the consumer, not the insurance company. This means you have more personal advice, more choice, better pricing and a representative that’s on your side in the event of a claim.”1

You can expect more from an insurance broker in Canada. Specifically, brokers:

  • Offer a wide choice of products and price comparisons from a number of insurance companies
  • Give advice on your specific risks and suitable insurance protection 
  • Provide clear information and explain the policy details
  • Support and represent you if you need to make a claim

Here at ALIGNED, we are always advocating for our clients. We understand your business, your risks and where you are headed. And when things go wrong, we will be there for you. Our focus on helping you in good times and bad is why we are proud to call ourselves your insurance advocates.

Real reviews. Our clients share why they chose ALIGNED Insurance brokers.

It’s important to work with an insurance broker who focuses on listening and understanding your needs. Robyn Selmes stands out when it comes to advocating on behalf of the clients she works with.

Here are two reviews about insurance broker Robyn Selmes that ALIGNED clients recently posted on Google:

“If an insurance company or organization is a war, Aligned Insurance and Robyn should become a GENERAL. In search of Commercial Auto Insurance for our business, we have heard two or three companies promising to call back after the first conversation and they never did. Robyn Selmes handled all our questions, searched for two different discounts to reduce premiums and also advised on other insurance benefits. Her professionalism was superb. Aligned Insurance remains number one in Commercial so far. Keep it up guys, you are definitely making a difference.”

“Although I found a more competitive rate elsewhere, working with Robyn Selmes from Aligned Insurance, was a delight! She’s very knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and honest. Robyn was very helpful in assisting me with choosing an insurance plan that was most suitable for my business. She went through the policy and explained everything to me! I would highly recommend becoming a client with this company, especially of Robyn’s, based on the customer service that was provided to me. Thank you Robyn, it was a pleasure working with you!”

And here’s what Robyn Selmes has to say about what makes our commercial insurance brokerage so unique: “Fundamentally, what I think sets ALIGNED apart is its focus on commercial insurance and a core belief in offering choice to clients. The choice is what stands out about ALIGNED – whether it’s the vast number of markets we can access or our unique fee-for-service option – we deliver commercial insurance differently.”

What does an insurance broker do? 

As a licensed professional, an insurance broker is certified to assist customers to find the best possible insurance coverage to meet their own unique needs. You can think of an insurance broker as your own personal advocate, someone who will work to understand your particular situation, whether it is for personal or commercial insurance, and research the best solutions to meet your needs. Your insurance broker is also the one you turn to in the event a claim is made. So not only is your insurance broker on your side to determine what insurance coverage is optimal for you, but they also stand by and advocate for you when you need to make or respond to an insurance claim. They act as your representative to navigate the often complicated world of insurance. 

What is an insurance broker? 

An insurance broker is a highly trained and licensed professional who is tasked with acting on her or his clients’ behalf by representing their needs in the form of an insurance policy or package. These individuals are experts in the field of insurance in Canada and become experts in their client’s businesses as well in order to best represent their needs. They will become familiar with their clients’ individual situations and research the best insurance solution. In doing so they assess their clients’ risk exposures and offer a range of products and price options. They give advice on suitable coverage and explain all the details of clients’ policies so they have an in-depth understanding of their coverage. They also act as representatives if a claim has to be made or is brought against their clients. In short, they are agents every step of the way. 

What kind of coverage do I need in Canada? 

Commercial enterprises require a broad range of coverage in Canada that must be specifically tailored to meet each individual business’ needs. While commercial insurance products will vary depending on the industry, general liability coverage is common to all businesses and forms part of a business package. Similarly, property coverage, cyber and crime insurance and other coverages should be considered as part of a small business insurance package. Contact an ALIGNED broker today to discuss what coverages will meet your individual business’ risk and liability exposures. 

Choice. Business expertise. What sets ALIGNED Insurance brokers apart.

Client feedback tells us when we are excelling as insurance brokers in Canada as well as how we can enhance the insurance products, services and support we deliver. When a client takes time to post a comment about ALIGNED Insurance in general or about a specific Advocate who they work with, we know that we’re on the right path.

Here are a few examples of recent reviews that people have posted about ALIGNED Insurance brokers on Google. These excerpts from client reviews do not include commenters’ names. To read complete Google reviews about us, just search for ALIGNED Insurance on Google.

“The very best service for many years! They are the best!”

“Excellent! Sydni Felice is always available and responds in a timely manner. Price is the best in the market. I totally recommend.”

Kristen Snider at Aligned has been very professional and helpful throughout the entire process of acquiring CGL insurance. The unique nature of my business dissuaded many brokers from searching for policies for me but Kristen was willing and able to find me a policy.”

“As one BC’s first licensed non-medical cannabis retailers, not only did Aligned have our backs when most insurance companies wouldn’t even talk to us, but they have continued to give us excellent and supportive service.”

“It is a great all-in-one insurance company.”

“The staff at Aligned were very helpful in outlining insurance options to meet my needs at very competitive prices. Great attentive service!”

“Really impressed with the Aligned Insurance experience. Thanks for getting us set up with better coverage for less $$$.”

Kristin Snider from Aligned Insurance was both professional and helpful with procuring the most suitable insurance for my business needs. Overall, great service and satisfied with the outcome.”

“Great experience, the people are very knowledgeable, friendly and they have very comparable pricing! Highly recommend them!!”

“Quick and reactive. Aligned has been our commercial insurance partner for years and always delivers a high level of service with positive results!”

“Great people to work with. I had the pleasure to move my business to Aligned. It was a seamless transition and the online quote process was very simple. The team was attentive to my business needs.”

Want an insurance broker who’s truly YOUR advocate? Get ALIGNED today.

The Canadian insurance marketplace is complex and constantly changing. This is why, now more than ever, it’s important that you choose an insurance brokerage that specializes in client advocacy.

Here at ALIGNED, we take great pride in advocating on behalf of our more than 1,600 clients each and every day.

Sources: 1,2 Insurance Brokers Association of Canada

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