Can I Change My Insurance Broker For My Insurance?

Is changing your insurance broker on your mind? 

We get asked this all time. It’s a common question being asked across Canada. The question is “Can I change my insurance broker?”. Put simply, Canadian insurance buyers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the typical insurance experience that typical insurance brokers provide. 

Dissatisfaction is often what prompts people to make changes. And dissatisfaction happens when:

  • There’s a lack of contact and communication with your insurance broker
  • There isn’t tangible value delivered by an insurance broker 
  • You feel that your broker doesn’t appreciate and/or understand your specific insurance needs
  • There’s a disappointingly slow response time or lack of knowledge from your insurance broker
  • Your insurance broker hasn’t kept current with technological innovations such as fully online commercial insurance products

We don’t think you’ll be surprised by the answer to your question…

The answer is YES! As the insurance buying client you can change your insurance broker. You also have the right to change your insurance broker or brokerage while keeping the same insurance company  if you feel your current insurance broker isn’t the best fit.  The process to change your insurance broker is simple. 

Here’s how to change your insurance broker…

Select an insurance broker like you would hire an employee as not all Canadian insurance brokers and/or Canadian insurance brokerages are the same. 

Make sure to ask the prospective insurance brokers tough questions like what make you better or different from our existing broker. 

ALIGNED Insurance brokers publicly and proudly share the answer to that question here. 

Provided the insurance broker you selected works with your existing insurance company then you can just appoint that broker to your account via a broker of record letter which the new insurance broker will prepare on your behalf.

You and/or your organization deserve and will benefit from working with the best insurance broker and the team of experienced insurance brokers at ALIGNED Insurance would be happy to discuss the question “Can I Change My Insurance Broker For My Insurance?” or why so many other clients have chosen to change to ALIGNED Insurance as their exclusive Canadian insurance broker. Call  Today at  1-866-287-0448 

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