Credit Insurance For Your Business In Canada

Credit Insurance For Your Business In Canada

Credit insurance for your business in Canada protects against you not getting paid and can be secured for you by ALIGNED Insurance brokers can cover your bad debt losses resulting from a wide range of commercial and political risks.

Risks Credit Insurance Can Cover

  • Customer or client bankruptcy or non-payment
  • Payment delays due to blocked funds or problems with a transfer
  • Hostilities in a customer’s country that make payment difficult or impossible
  • Issues with currency conversion or transfer
  • Refusal to accept the goods and cancellation of export or import permits

How Much Does Credit Insurance For Your Business In Canada Cost?

The cost of Credit insurance for your business in Canada differs depending on the riskiness of your clientele, but typically ranges between.30% to 1% of your sales.

What Are The Benefits Of  Having Credit Insurance For Your Business In Canada

  • Helps ensure your customers and clients are creditworthy before you sell
  • Minimization of the risk of non-payment by setting credit limits
  • Problem accounts are easier to manage as credit insurance for your business includes access to debt collection professionals.
  • Protects your sales so you can continue to grow and leverage your business.

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