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Q: What Makes ALIGNED Different/Better?

business insurance needs

A: Here’s 18 Great Reasons Why Other Organizations Choose ALIGNED For Their Business Insurance Needs

  • No commission

    0% Commission / Fee Option

    Commission graph

    ALIGNED clients believe that their broker shouldn’t automatically earn more commission if their insurance costs increase.

    Typically insurance policies are written on commission. This means: if, and when, insurance costs increase (because of losses, increases in sales or assets, insurers increasing rates etc.), so does the typical brokers' revenue.

    ALIGNED works on a fee for service model, which means you decide how much we make based on the level of service your organization desires/needs.

  • Tiered Levels of Service

    Tiered Levels of Service

    Every organization has its unique level of needs and desired level of service. ALIGNED offers 4 distinct service levels and explains what is included in each to ensure every client gets the level of service they desire, and only pays for the level of service they receive.

  • Service Guarantee

    Service Guarantee

    We believe in putting our money where our mouth is!

    Each year every ALIGNED client works with their advocate to select a specific deliverable and date for completion. If we don’t achieve the agreed goal, a portion of your fee is returned to you!

  • Strictly Commercial Focused

    Business Insurance Only

    ALIGNED specializes exclusively in insurance for businesses. It does not offer personal lines insurance so that we can focus solely on providing the best expertise, products and service experience possible to your business.

  • Priority Claims Response

    Priority Claims Response

    Our partnership with WINMAR® ensures that ALIGNED clients receive priority positioning over non-ALIGNED clients when they experience a loss at any of their locations. This ensures claim costs are minimized and your organization is back up and running as soon as possible. Established in 1977, WINMAR®’s network of 90 locations across Canada provides quality restoration services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

  • 24/7 Claims Reporting

    24/7 Claims Reporting

    ALIGNED knows claims can happen anytime which is why our clients can report claims 24/7.

    See our claims page for details.

  • Open longer & later

    Open longer and on weekends

    ALIGNED believes that most companies are focused on running and growing their business during the day and understands that insurance is often not a top priority. In response we are committed to the following business hours to allow greater access and more flexibility to our clients so that we can discuss their risk and insurance needs when it suits them best.

    • Monday: 9am - 5pm*
    • Tuesday: 9am - 5pm*
    • Wednesday: 9am - 5pm*
    • Thursday: 9am - 5pm*
    • Friday: 9am - 5pm*
    • Saturday: By Appointment
    • Sunday: Closed

    *Open 5-7pm by Appointment

    Closed on Canadian Statutory holidays

  • 100% Canadian Owned

    100% Canadian Owned

    We love Canada and take pride in the fact that our company started in Canada and remains 100% Canadian owned.

  • Scarcity

    Capped Workloads

    ALIGNED believes that service suffers when resources are stretched too thin which is why our advocates will only take on a limited number of clients. Through capped workloads we ensure you and your organization always receives the high quality service you expect and deserve.

  • Fiercely Independant

    Fiercely Independent

    ALIGNED believes that clients value receiving products, services and advice from a brokerage that is not owned in whole or in-part, by any insurance company. It's another way we remain committed to ensuring our interests are aligned with our clients.

  • Only Deal With Owners

    Only Deal With Owners

    We believe that clients would prefer to deal with an owner of a business rather than just an employee because "having skin in the game matters".

    All ALIGNED advocates have ownership in the business.

  • Direct Access to ALIGNED Advocates

    Direct Access to ALIGNED Advocates

    We believe clients want to talk to the right person every time and be able to reach that person easily. This is why each ALIGNED advocate only has a dedicated mobile phone number. This is the only number they use to conduct business which makes them more responsive and easier to access.

  • Exclusive Products

    Exclusive Products

    ALIGNED has developed certain insurance products that are exclusively available to ALIGNED clients. Because each client is different and has different risk tolerances, cash flow demands, assets, processes, culture, procedures, etc. every ALIGNED policy is developed specifically for each insured. No cookie-cutter or 1 size fits all approach.

  • No Sales People

    No Sales People

    We believe clients don’t like it when sales people are involved in the early stage of the process and then not active in servicing their account moving forward. At ALIGNED the advocate you deal with initially will always be accessible to you and a part of your service team.

  • ALIGNED Process

    ALIGNED Process

    Through ALIGNED’s expertise, and in collaboration with other risk professionals, ALIGNED has developed a proprietary process to minimize the risk your organization faces now and as it evolves into the future.

  • Staff Standards

    Staff Standards

    Provincial regulators require a minimum level of continuing education standards. In Ontario the amount is 8 hours. All ALIGNED employees are required to complete 20.

  • Charity Donation

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

    We believe that it is a privilege to handle our clients insurance needs and that it is our corporate social responsibility to help others in a number of ways including:

    With Our Hearts & Hands: We believe in leading by example and have 2 annual days of volunteering every year for all staff to partner with organizations they are passionate about helping.

    Giving Generously: A portion of ALIGNED's profits are donated to a registered Canadian Charity that is selected annually by the voting of ALIGNED's clients.

    Giving Frequently: ALIGNED believes there is value in frequently helping others which is why each month an ALIGNED Insurance advocate selects a charity or not for profit organization they are passionate about and ALIGNED makes a donation to the selected organization.

    Giving Consistently: ALIGNED believes in consistently resourcing others to encourage and support their growth and development. We live this out by building our "team" of children we sponsor through Word Vision around the world like Brenda.

  • Electronic Access of Policy Documents

    24/7 Electronic Access to Policy Documents

    Policy documents for each client are stored separately and securely in the cloud. Each client is given 24/7 electronic access to only their documents through the internet. This ensures policy documents are accessible in the event of a loss like a fire, flood, etc. Policies are also archived in case they need to be used to defend against claims that arise in the future which is critical for occurrence based policies.

ALIGNED was launched based on the following core set of beliefs:

These beliefs have been woven into the fabric of ALIGNED Insurance and are the basis of our 18 points of differentiation. Because of these beliefs, our differentiators, expertise, and passion for delivering an unmatched client experience, we are hopeful that you and your organization will choose ALIGNED as your exclusive insurance brokerage and risk management advisory firm.

We want you and your organization to take advantage of the ALIGNED difference.

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