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It’s about brand awareness. Many commercial business insurance brands and organizations aren’t widely known. Most often, when people ask about commercial business insurance the first brands they think are their personal insurance providers.

Canadian brands that typically come to mind include Intact, Aviva, RSA, Economical, Travelers etc. With intense advertising campaigns on social media as well as traditional platforms, people often also think of GEICO or Progressive too. Ironically, these brands don’t even operate in Canada!

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In Canada, 99% of commercial insurance is purchased from a Canadian insurance broker such as the business insurance experts here at ALIGNED Insurance.

What info is needed for a commercial business insurance quote?

The information you need to provide depends on the specific type of insurance product you need. This is because each insurance product covers different risks. As a result, the needed information to get a quote differs dramatically from product to product. Below are some examples of typical pieces of information you’ll need in order to get a commercial insurance quote:

  • Name of the organization or person that is applying for the commercial insurance. If you operate under a business name, but aren’t incorporated you’ll need to provide your doing business as name and first and last name.
  • Full mailing address. Note that it can’t be a P.O. Box as insurers need to be able to send registered letters if needed.
  • Description of operations. For example, a list of all products sold, a list of all services provided, etc.
  • Projected annual revenue
  • Insurance product(s) that you are interested in
  • Experience or expertise in the business, industry etc.
  • Whether you are looking for a renewal option or buying insurance for the first time
  • Details of any insurance claims the business has had in the past
  • Whether the organization is new or has been operating for years.

Experience the ALIGNED difference

Ultimately experience counts. It’s best to connect with an experienced brokers like the commercial insurance experts at ALIGNED Insurance.

We are here to guide you through the commercial insurance buying process. And if you are looking for 100% fully online commercial insurance, you can access more than 300 online commercial insurance products here.

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