BCIN Designer Insurance

What you need to know about BCIN Designer Insurance in Ontario

Change happens. In 2006, legislation was passed in Ontario to introduce a new designation for designers in the construction industry. Commonly known as BCIN (which stands for Building Code Identification Number). At the same time, provincial wide standards and examinations were established. To help people prepare for code examinations, some Ontario colleges like George Brown College began offering building code courses.

Since then, the awareness about the important differences between BCIN firms, professionals, architects and architectural firms has been growing. When securing insurance, Ontario Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) designers and BCIN firms should select a business insurance brokerage with the experience to appreciate the differences and secure specialized products.

The commercial insurance brokers at ALIGNED Insurance work with many BCIN designers. ALIGNED is one of the leading brokerages in Canada for professional liability insurance for BCIN designers as well as other design professionals.

What info is needed for BCIN designer insurance?

ALIGNED Insurance has dedicated professional liability insurance products for BCIN designers as well as design firms. To give you a sense of what’s needed, below is a list of things needed to secure an insurance quote:

  • A completed application form
  • Copy of resumes for all designers
  • BCIN #
  • A list of professional associations memberships
  • Scope of BCIN work done:
    • Building design
    • Landscape Architect
    • Interior Designer
    • Other
  • Past 12 months and projected next 12 months of design fees
  • Construction values attributable to design work done in the past 12 months and projected for the next 12 months
  • Details of any insurance claims in the past five years

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