Commercial insurance companies in Canada

Your search for commercial insurance companies in Canada is over. Here’s why…

Get aligned now. Many people think that there are an infinite number of commercial insurance companies in Canada. But the reality is there aren’t that many players and the Canadian marketplace is actually surprisingly small! 

Due to the significant barriers to entry such as:

commercial insurance companies in Canada are fewer than you might expect.

Fortunately, founders, business owners, CFO’s and controllers like you have an easy choice when it comes to shopping around for commercial insurance companies in Canada. You can rely on the experienced commercial insurance brokers at ALIGNED Insurance to shop around for your business! We work with more than 65 of the top commercial insurance companies in Canada and will ensure you get the best insurance products to protect your organization and assets! 

Some of the insurance companies we work with… (not an exhaustive list)

There’s lots more to learn about Canadian commercial insurance companies. Our experienced brokers can help you determine the types of commercial insurance coverage best suited for your specific needs. 

Top 10 things you should know about the insurance business in Canada

Looking to understand the insurance industry in Canada? These top 10 insights are a good place to get started.

How we’re ALIGNED today and tomorrow…

It’s about our story. President and CEO Andrew Clark launched ALIGNED to deliver a different kind of insurance broker experience to Canadian businesses. Growing up with a strong desire to help others, his changed forever when he was involved in a serious automobile accident for which he was at fault.

Andrew’s vision led to the 18 points of differentiation that are why our brokerage stands apart in the Canadian marketplace. Uniquely within the industry, ALIGNED advocates create, negotiate and deliver the best products, services and insurance solutions for businesses. 

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