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To understand what types of insurance people want to know more about, we ask our clients and regularly check out our Google Analytics. It’s here that we see day-to-day and year-over-year trends. And one insurance insight that readers keep coming back to again and again is about P&I insurance.

What P&I insurance is…and isn’t…

Hint…Pi insurance doesn’t have anything to do with the Greek alphabet or 3.14159. When it comes to setting a course as a different kind of insurance brokerage, we navigate uncharted waters with pride. This is why we prepped this explainer about a specific type of liability insurance. Known interchangeably as PI, P&I and/or Protection and Indemnity, this form of liability insurance is for practically all risks associated with the operation of a marine vessel.

The only risks generally excluded are those covered under a workers’ compensation policy and under the collision clause in a hull policy.

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If you are looking at marine insurance it’s important to understand that no such thing as a standard PI / P&I / Protection & Indemnity form exists. Rather, every single Protection and Indemnity liability policy is created with specific terms and conditions. A PI insurance underwriter curates a bespoke P & I policy that precisely responds the nature of the risk, the character of risk as well as to amount of insurance you want to buy.

Every P & I policy is essentially a contract of indemnity. As such, the insurance company is not obligated to pay unless the insured business must actually pay the claim.

It is vitally important that you notify your insurance company and ALIGNED Insurance broker as soon as possible in the event of a P&I insurance claim situation. You can expect ALIGNED and your Protection and Indemnity insurer to provide a timely response to your claim. Specifically, your insurer will:

  • Provide immediate advice and assistance;
  • Arrange to obtain statements from any relevant witnesses;
  • Ensure any damage is inspected prior to repair (if necessary); and
  • Advise on the appointment of salvors if the insured equipment / vessel is still in distress.

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