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Where To Find Commercial Insurance Brokers Calgary

Where To Find Commercial Insurance Brokers Calgary - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

How To | Find Calgary commercial insurance brokers

^CLICK^ to get a COMMERCIAL INSURANCE quote for a Calgary business OR call 1-866-287-0448
^CLICK^ to get a COMMERCIAL INSURANCE quote for a Calgary business
OR call 1-866-287-0448

Positive change is taking root in Calgary, Alberta. A hallmark of positive change is often first spotted in the business sector. Emerging new businesses in various industries are featured in the ‘Calgary: A Road Ahead’ 5-part news series by CBC Calgary. 

Specifically, “in the past couple of years, Calgary has seen many successful new startups. Some in the energy sector, where new businesses have developed or adopted technology to improve exploration and production. Others have made strides in renewable energy, high tech and genetics research.”1

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Every city undergoes economic change and, in recent years, changes to the Calgary economy have made national headlines. With the local economy showing signs of positive change, more and more people are searching online for “commercial insurance brokers Calgary”.

Trends driving the Calgary commercial marketplace and economic growth

The ‘Calgary: A Road Ahead’ series by CBC Calgary finds that, “all told, roughly 410,000 Albertans are now self-employed. That’s an increase of 43,000 from a year and a half ago. The number of people working as employees, meanwhile, grew by just 7,000 over that same period. The type of work being done is varied. The biggest sector is construction, accounting for about 78,000 of the self-employed Albertans, at last count.”2

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The CBC Calgary article explains, “another 66,000 [people] work in professional, scientific, and technical services. This includes accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers, and people who work in advertising and public relations. The remaining 265,000 or so are spread across a wide range of industries, but some of the biggest are agriculture, health services, wholesale and retail trade, and a broad category that includes finance, insurance, and real estate.”3

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Self-employment opportunities are taking root in Calgary as well as many other cities across Canada. This post can help self-employed entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes find the best commercial insurance brokers and options in Calgary.

Commercial insurance brokers | Find better coverage options in Calgary

Do you operate a commercial business in Calgary? Are you about to launch a Calgary startup? Does your sole proprietorship in Calgary need to find commercial insurance brokers? We can help you get started.  

Our team of experienced small business insurance brokers know what types of commercial insurance products are most important for small business. ALIGNED brokers also understand common types of insurance that are most needed by small business. 

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If you are looking for a commercial insurance broker in Calgary, we can help. Simply contact us to get ALIGNED with commercial insurance options that will be a custom fit for your specific needs. Here are just a few coverages that are of particular interest to self-employed business owners, sole-proprietors as well as small business entrepreneurs:

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Whether you are located in Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta or elsewhere in Canada, there are many things to carefully consider when you are launching, growing or establishing your commercial business operations. 

Good to know. Commercial insurance products for Calgary businesses.

As you grow or expand your business roots, it is vitally important to ensure that you’ve got more than just the basics covered. When you are talking to a commercial insurance broker in Calgary, here are six foundational products that you should learn more about.

  1. Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance
  2. Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance
  3. Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance
  4. Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance
  5. Property Insurance
  6. Umbrella Liability Insurance

Click on any of the links above to learn more about the commercial insurance coverages that are most popular for Canadian businesses. When you want to find commercial insurance for your Calgary business, our experienced insurance brokers can help access the best available products. We can also help you understand what services may best help your business manage its risk exposures.

We get Calgary businesses aligned with many types of commercial insurance coverages. Here are some additional commercial insurance products that may be a good fit for your business in Calgary.

Want online commercial insurance in Calgary? Check out ALIGNED Insurance Online Products

When time is of the essence, online commercial insurance products are often a smart option. ALIGNED Insurance is well-known across Canada for delivering simple, easy and straight-forward online commercial insurance products and services. 

Popular online commercial insurance products that you can get with us right now include:

You can also get professional, speciality and industry-specific insurance quoted online now. For Calgary professionals who work in a variety of industries, online commercial insurance can be a very time-efficient option. Here are some more online coverages you can get aligned with now:

We understand the needs of Calgary business are changing. We know that when your marketplace is changing as well as evolving, making a living and building a business are often intertwined. 

Find commercial insurance brokers for your Calgary business

Like many other Canadian small businesses, ALIGNED Insurance began as an entrepreneurial dream. From Victoria, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador we know what it takes to build, grow and succeed in Canada. If you want to find commercial insurance for any size of business in Calgary, contact us to get more options and value.

Commercial insurance brokers | Get ALIGNED in Calgary, Vancouver, Cambridge, Toronto & beyond 

Every day, we take pride in aligning the best commercial insurance products and services to meet the specific needs of a particular business. Our team knows that the most important thing we do is actively support Canadian business. It doesn’t matter where your commercial business is located in Canada. We consistently deliver a different and better insurance experience for all of the Canadian businesses we support.

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If you are ready to work with an insurance team that is 100% dedicated to business insurance, it’s time to get aligned. We invite you to talk to our commercial insurance brokers Calgary today.

Want to discuss your business insurance needs with an ALIGNED Insurance broker? Call us toll-free at 1-866-287-0448 or contact us via email

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More about commercial insurance brokers and Canadian business coverages:

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