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Thank you! Here’s some more Google reviews about us…

We do insurance differently for Canadian businesses. Fundamentally, each one of us believes that aligning insurance experts to business needs is one of the most important things we do each and every day to support you and your business.

And when our clients take a moment to publicly share their thoughts about us, it makes each one of us even more proud to be…ALIGNED.

What people say about how we support Canadian business…

We recently shared some highlights about what people have to say about ALIGNED Insurance that you can read here. Well, this must have inspired others to talk about us because even more positive reviews started appearing online! Here are a few comments that we’re proud to share with you:

  • “…we have benefited from the depth of knowledge around complex insurance policies and risk management applications that Andrew and his team deliver across a range of industries and commercial policies that have benefited many of our clients. Thanks Andrew…keep up the amazing work!
  • “Great customer service! As a university student, they didn’t hesitate to help me out with my project! They quickly gave a quota without being annoyed at the fact I am just a student! Unlike other insurance companies, I have to say you guys are so polite and kind!”
  • “I needed general information about insurances for starting a business, and decided to contact ALIGNED insurance and the person who I spoke to was very helpful and efficient. Thank you looking forward to working with you in the future!”
  • “I came to ALIGNED for a CGL, great customer service show and excellent quote.”
  • “Thanks so much!”
  • “I had emailed ALIGNED Insurance in regards to a few pricing questions. I received an instant response and the information provided was very helpful. Thanks.”

The preceding comments can all be found on Google. We do not include the names of people who comment. To see more Google reviews about us, you can search for ALIGNED Insurance on Google.

How Team ALIGNED does business insurance differently…

People who write reviews about us also take time to point out what we specifically do differently when it comes to delivering business insurance options. Here are a couple more recent examples:

“What a refreshing change to deal with such a personable and professional team at ALIGNED. Finally a company who really does care and want to make a difference in the industry by delivering best in class options and service levels that exceed expectations. I love the fact that all employees are vested in delivering satisfaction to the customer. Great job Team ALIGNED!!!!”

“I had originally reached out to ALIGNED Insurance Inc. for some research information for a business plan. Upon my initial request for information, I received a prompt response within 24 hours that was friendly and professional, and answered all of my questions. The representative I had communicated with was very knowledgeable regarding my potential business needs and was able to provide all the necessary information I required. Thank you!”

Five stars | How the stars align tell us a lot

The fact that people who we work with have a great experience and are inspired to tell others is deeply appreciated. Five star Google reviews tell us we’re aligned across Canada. They tell our team of employee owners that we’re all on positive path. And most of all, reviews tell us that our 18 points of differentiation truly resonate. 

In today’s hyper-connected and rapidly evolving marketplace, a five starreview is the ultimate compliment. Every person who takes time to go to Google and write a five star review about ALIGNED Insurance inspires us to work harder and to support people more. With the clients we serve, the colleagues we support and the companies that we collaborate with. Every day, we’re proud to deliver a better insurance experience to Canadian business. Most of all, we’re proud to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

You are invited to share your ALIGNED Insurance experience

In recent weeks and months, a number of people have taken time to give ALIGNED Insurance a five star Google rating. These people were also inspired to write about their personal experience working with our expert commercial insurance brokers across Canada.

You can write a Google review anytime online. Or you can contact or call your ALIGNED Insurance broker today at 1-866-287-0448.

We’d love to hear from you. We are proud to do business insurance differently for Canadians and very much appreciate your feedback.

18 reasons | Specific ways we deliver insurance differently

Each and every morning, we wake up and deliver a different insurance buying experience for Canadian businesses. We believe that aligning insurance experts to business needs is one of the most important things we do to support you and your business.

This is why our insurance brokerage is built on three core beliefs. We know that ALIGNMENT Matters, and each member of the ALIGNED Insurance team is an owner with “skin in the game”. We are also proud to do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.

Our core beliefs reinforce the work we to deliver a different business insurance experience to every single client we support across Canada. One of the most rewarding things we do as insurance brokers is connect people to the best business insurance options. And when our clients take a moment to publicly share their thoughts about us, it makes each one of us even more proud to do insurance differently…

A few more words. About the people of ALIGNED

“Great service. Andrew and Ana were able to find a customized and cost-effective GCL policy for our business, in record time, no fuss, and easy and complete communication. Others had failed to meet our needs. Highly recommended.”

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. We are doing renovations and another company sold us the wrong policy. With very little time to resolve the issue, I really lucked out by contacting ALIGNED. Darcy made me confident from the first minute that this would be resolved and I could stop freaking out. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable, which was very comforting. If you need ANY insurance help, reach out to the team at ALIGNED. You will be glad you did!”

All of the above comments and more can be found on Google. We do not include the names of people who comment. To see all reviews about us, simply search for ALIGNED Insurance on Google.

Last but not least…insurance insights are another way we do insurance…differently.

Knowing and trusting your commercial insurance is important. Here at ALIGNED we are proud to deliver a different kind of insurance experience, one that’s exclusively focused on business coverage. To help keep people current about emerging trends, we regularly publish insurance insights and help business leaders keep current.

You can bookmark our website to stay current. It contains current and useful information that you can check out when you are making commercial insurance decisions. Specifically, the Insurance Info section of our site is the go to spot for Canadian coverage insights.

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