Commercial general liability insurance Canada

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What kind of commercial general liability insurance do I need in Canada?

It depends. Both long-time business owners and solo-preneurs are asking this question. That’s why researching CGL aka commercial general liability insurance makes a lot of sense.

This is because general liability insurance is one of the broadest and most beneficial business insurance products available in Canada. People and organizations get CGL to protect themselves from increasingly common business liability risks.

Did you know? When it comes to CGL it doesn’t matter what your profession or industry is in Canada. Your general liability policy is designed to protect your business.

So…what specifically does a CGL policy cover

A general liability insurance policy covers bodily injury and property damage caused to third parties as a result of you operating your business.

Here’s a few claims example that demon how CGL responds to a common risk.

  • Someone slips and falls in a retail store and decides to sue the retailer.
  • A tenant in commercial building accidentally causes damage to the building they occupy.
  • An employee gets in an accident in a rented car while attending a trade show.

A CGL insurance policy is designed to respond to these situations and others. If you’re looking to get CGL coverage aligned, speaking with one of our brokers is a good starting point. They can explain more precisely how commercial general liability insurance coverage can help with protecting your business and balance sheet.

Want to learn more about CGL options?

You’re on the right page. Our business-only Canadian brokers specialize in commercial general liability insurance options. We’re proud to help business owners across the country protect their operations from unexpected financial events.

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