Canadian Business Liability Insurance Products

Canadian Business Liability Insurance Products

Having the right Canadian business liability insurance products can mean difference between your business thriving or dying.  Research show that unexpected liability issues are the reason roughly 10% of Canadian business fail and most of those issues could have been avoided if the organization bought the right Canadian business liability insurance products.  A brief overview of  the 3 of the most popular Canadian business liability insurance products that ALIGNED Insurance brokers can help protect you and your organization are outlined below:

Canadian Commercial General Liability Insurance Products:

Also called CGL Insurance or GL insurance, Canadian commercial general liability insurance products are the most commonly purchased insurance product as it provides valuable protection for liability arising injuries people incur that are related to some aspect of your operations your business (like  slip and fall) or damage to third part property as a result of your operating your business (like damage caused to a rented location).   to nearly every type of business.  Click Here To Get A Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote

Canadian Professional Liability Insurance Products:

Also called Errors & Omissions Insurance, Canadian professional liability Insurance products are specifically designed to cover organizations that sell professional services rather than physical products. Canadian professional liability insurance products cover allegations of financial loss (and in some cases bodily injury) that was related to advice given or services performed.  Architects, Engineers, Management Consultants & HR Professionals are all examples of professionals who buy Canadian professional liability insurance products. Click Here To Get A Canadian Professional Liability Insurance Quote

Canadian Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Products:

Uniquely built to protect both individual directors and officers of Canadian organizations and the organizations themselves Canadian directors and officers insurance products cover allegations that the entire board of directors or any one individual director or officer breached their corporate duty as laid out in the Canadian Business Corporations Act and that financial losses were incurred by the stakeholder in that organizations.  Stakeholders that typically bring suits are shareholders, donors, creditors etc. Click Here To Get A Canadian Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Quote

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