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Searching for micro cultivation insurance for your cannabis business? We can help.

Alignment matters. Canada’s cannabis industry to date has been dominated by large-scale licensed producers.

These producers have or are building large-scale production capacity to meet the demands of Canadian medical and recreational cannabis consumers. There’s also a community of passionate, creative entrepreneurs focusing on securing micro cultivation licenses from Health Canada. Micro cultivators grow on a smaller scale basis and sometimes in creative ways and diversify cannabis offerings.

Starting small? What to know about insurance coverage.

Although limited to growing in 50 square metres, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and gardeners are working diligently to secure micro cultivation licenses. These smaller-scale entrepreneurs want to contribute to the Canadian cannabis industry.

Although there is considerable upside for license holders there’s also a considerable amount of risk. Many applicants are asking our brokers where can I get micro cultivation insurance in Canada?

If you have or are on the verge of securing micro cultivation licensing or financing you landed on the right page! ALIGNED Insurance brokers specialize in a number of industries, including the cannabis sector. Across Canada, our brokers help cannabis companies of all sizes navigate the insurance marketplace and ensure their operations are properly and competitively insured.

The info you need to get a micro cultivation insurance quote…

Regardless of where or how you grow, to get micro cultivation coverage, you need to provide the following documentation/information:

  • A completed cannabis growers application
  • A copy of licensing within 30 days of binding
  • Projected annual revenue
  • Photos of your growing facility

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