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Empower Your Enterprise: Custom Property Insurance Solutions by ALIGNED

Your business’s well-being hinges on robust property protection strategies. ALIGNED Insurance specializes in delivering tailored property insurance solutions across Canada, ensuring your business has the comprehensive coverage it needs. Coverage should include losses due to fire or lightning and extensions for the cost incurred in removing property to prevent further damage from these incidents and help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. Whether your business is just starting up or well-established, virtual, bricks and mortar or a combination of any of these, it is important to understand what can and included as part of your commercial property insurance. Keep in mind basic elements that can be covered generally include:

  • Extended perils, such as floods, windstorms, hail, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, explosion, riots, smoke, civil commotions as well as vehicles that damage your property
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief to your property

Customized Coverage for Unique Business Needs

At ALIGNED Insurance, one size does not fit all regarding property insurance. We offer customizable coverage options to suit the specific requirements of your business. This means assessing your business’s unique risks, whether due to location, nature of operations, or the type of assets owned, and providing coverage options that best mitigate these risks.

Comprehensive Protection Against a Range of Risks

Our comprehensive property insurance policies cover more than just the physical damage to your property. We also provide coverage for business interruption, ensuring that your business can recover lost income and continue operations even after an unexpected insured peril event. This holistic approach to insurance means your business is physically and financially protected.

In addition to standard property insurance coverage, ALIGNED Insurance offers additional protection for specialized needs. This includes coverage for electronic data processing equipment, which is crucial for businesses in the digital age, and coverage for outdoor signs and fences, protecting all aspects of your business premises.

Our team of insurance experts at ALIGNED Insurance is dedicated to guiding you through selecting the right property insurance for your business. We provide expert advice and support, helping you understand the various coverage options and how they apply to your business situation. We aim to make getting a property insurance quote transparent, simple, and aligned with your business needs.

Property Insurance: Key Terms and Coverage Explained

Did you know that your property insurance policy will typically provide the replacement cost value for your building and the actual cash value for your business property? Navigating through property insurance can be complex, but understanding a few key terms can significantly simplify the process. Here’s a breakdown of three crucial terms every policyholder should know:

  • Replacement Cost Value:
    Understanding Full Rebuild Costs: Replacement cost value is crucial in determining how much it would cost to rebuild your building completely or repair damages with new materials, similar in quality and kind, without any depreciation deduction. This is particularly important as it reflects the actual cost to restore your property to its pre-damage state.
  • Actual Cash Value:
    Factoring in Depreciation: The actual cash value represents the cost to rebuild or replace property when it is damaged or destroyed less depreciation. It is calculated by taking the replacement cost value and then subtracting depreciation. This amount does not reflect the current market value of your property, which may be less than what you initially paid due to wear and tear over time. It’s also important to note that insuring to market value is incorrect and often results in significantly overpaying for insurance as insurance only covers the cost to rebuild or replace.
  • Coinsurance Clause:
    Sharing the Cost: The coinsurance clause is an essential aspect of your policy that requires you to bear a portion of the loss up to a specified percentage of the property’s actual cash value. Understanding this clause is vital as it affects how much you can claim in the event of a loss. Ensuring your property is adequately insured according to this clause is critical to receiving full loss coverage.

Comprehensive Property Insurance Coverage

When protecting your business, understanding the types of property covered under your insurance policy is essential. Our property insurance quote provides extensive coverage options for your business needs. Here’s a look at the various types of business property that can be insured:

  • Buildings and Other Structures: Whether you own or lease your business premises, property insurance provides coverage for physical structures against damage or loss.
  • Business Contingency for Suppliers: Protect your business against interruptions or losses due to issues with suppliers. This coverage is crucial for maintaining operations if your supply chain faces disruptions.
  • Cargo: If your business involves transporting goods, cargo insurance covers loss or damage to products in transit, whether by land, sea, or air.
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment: Coverage for computers and digital equipment, which are the backbone of modern businesses.
  • Extra Expenses: Protection against additional costs incurred due to property loss.
  • Furniture, Equipment, and Supplies: Safeguarding the essentials that keep your business running.
  • Inventory: Ensuring your stock is covered against loss or damage.
  • Intangible Property: Protects assets like goodwill, trademarks, and intellectual property.
  • Leasehold Improvements: Coverage for enhancements made to rented premises.
  • Machinery/Boiler: Protects the machinery and equipment crucial for manufacturing or production.
  • Mobile Property: Coverage for items like construction equipment that may be used off-site.
  • Money and Securities: Protects against the loss of physical money and financial instruments.
  • Ordinary Payroll: Ensures continuity in paying employees even during disruptions.
  • Property in Transit: Coverage for goods and property being transported.
  • Accounts Receivable Records: Protects against loss of income due to uncollectable debts resulting from damaged records.
  • Satellite Dishes: Covers satellite communication equipment.
  • Signs, Fences, and Outdoor Property: Protects outdoor assets that are not directly attached to your building.
  • Valuable Documents, Books, and Papers: Coverage for essential business documents and records.
  • Plate Glass & Glass: Protects against glass breakage within your premises.

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