Small Business Cyber Liability Insurance

Small Business Cyber Insurance

Small Business Cyber Liability Insurance Insight | Cyber Coverage Is Often Excluded

As a small business, you are likely hyper-aware that risk can trip you up when you least expect it. One such risk are your cyber exposures. Be it stored customer data or website content cyber exposures are vast and require the best small business insurance options.

However, a standard business liability policy is extremely unlikely to protect against most cyber exposures and in fact, explicitly excludes such coverage.

Data In Target – Yours & Your Clients’

Just one malicious cyber attack could bring the day-to-day activities of your small business to a standstill. Damage could be caused by:

Why Small Business Cyber Liability Insurance Is Surprisingly Affordable

If your data is compromised and normal operations are halted, small business insurance and cyber liability coverage can help pay for interruption related expenses such as:

With Cyber liability coverage as part of your small business insurance can provide protection from:

Proactive cyber risk tactics, privacy coverage and cyber liability insurance are all part of a comprehensive risk management strategy. Talk to us about the best cyber solutions.

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