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Best commercial insurance broker Calgary

Best Commercial Insurance Broker Calgary - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers
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Experience matters. Here’s how to find the best commercial insurance broker in Calgary…

In contrast to the paid ads you’ll see when you do an online search for the best commercial insurance broker Calgary,
we were recently named one of the Top 10 Insurance Brokerages in Canada. 

With an office in Bankers Hall in downtown Calgary and three other locations across Canada, ALIGNED is quickly being recognized among the very best commercial insurance brokerages in Calgary.

The typical Google search result for the best commercial insurance broker Calgary will be a series of ads. These ads are primarily placed by an insurance company that are trying to encourage you to consider cheap personal lines insurance products. This is because the insurance broker space in Calgary as well as across Canada is crowded and filled with a lot of noise.

What makes ALIGNED the best brokerage search result in Calgary?

ALIGNED is confident you don’t need to look any further if you’re actively searching for the best commercial insurance broker. In fact there are a number of reasons (18 to be exact) which are outlined in more detail right here.  Ultimately, the most important reason why ALIGNED Insurance meets the criteria for best commercial insurance brokers is rooted in our specific expertise.

Why is commercial insurance expertise so important?

You may not be aware that the typical Canadian insurance brokerage is 60-80% personal lines. This means that brokerage staff spends the majority of their time servicing the complex needs of personal lines clients. Staff at a typical brokerage may not have any particular commercial insurance expertise.  

In stark contrast, all ALIGNED Insurance colleagues are commercial insurance broker experts and we exclusively support 100% commercial clients.

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