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We’re excited to be a Top 10 Brokerage!  

Being recognized is important. Above all, it tells us that we are delivering both value and the best possible insurance experience to our clients. In other words, it tells each one of us that we’re on track and delivering a truly different commercial insurance solution to Canadian businesses.

It’s not everyday that you get recognized. For example, Insurance Business Canada magazine announced that Top 10 Brokerage ALIGNED Insurance is among an elite group of Canadian insurance organizations.

They note:

“After months of receiving nominations from coast to coast, it was time to narrow down hundreds of brokerages to just 10 that are worthy of the title of one of Canada’s top brokerages.”

Insurance Business Canada magazine

Meanwhile, recapping 2017, Insurance Business Canada notes, “These brokerages should be applauded for having navigated through a tumultuous year marked by catastrophes, such as floods, storms and the wildfire that has been the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history, coupled with continuing industry consolidation, the running theme of cyber risk/insurance and the increased use of drones, all of which have made the insurance landscape more complex than ever.”1

So this is what it means for ALIGNED Insurance to be a Top 10 Brokerage

Across Canada, Insurance Business is the leading industry resource for the insurance industry. This feature highlights what makes ALIGNED so unique, “The three points of most interest are our game-changing fixed fee/0% commission option, our  bronze-, silver-, gold- and platinum-tiered client service packages, and the ALIGNED share plan, which makes all employees owners of the business.”2

Read the full Insurance Business Canada article here: Top 10 Brokerage ALIGNED Insurance

In addition, President and CEO Andrew Clark shared what he believes makes ALIGNED stand out:

“Since day one, ALIGNED has been committed to giving our clients “MORE” than the typical insurance brokerage through some or all of our 18 points of differentiation.”

Andrew Clark, President and CEO, ALIGNED Insurance

As well, see Andrew Clark talk about ALIGNED in “Building a successful brokerage – Part 1” an Insurance Business Canada video.

We’re a 2017 and 2016 Insurance Business Award winner! 

Similarly, recognition of ALIGNED is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2016, the April Canada Award for the Best Brokerage Over 10 People recognized ALIGNED Insurance. ALIGNED was named one of Canada’s leading national insurance brokerages. According to the criteria, this is an “award of excellence to the outstanding broker practice.”3

Google reviews tell us we’re on track as a top 10 brokerage

While awards are important, the fact that our clients are inspired to tell others is deeply appreciated. In addition, each five star Google review about ALIGNED Insurance is inspiring us to work even harder to support our clients across Canada.

For instance:

“I had a sharp turn in my business where I needed to relocate to a different province, with this dynamic and rapid change, ALIGNED Insurance were able to meet and satisfy my business insurance requirements, not only that, the response time and professionalism were excellent. Thanks!!!”

“I have never been to the location but did business exclusively on line. I had a need for vacant building insurance and I was given the best service I have ever had concerning an insurance agency. Polite, human and helpful! I felt a personal connection and was given choices rather than being steered! I continued with ALIGNED when the need changed and am more than satisfied!”


With offices in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver as well as a national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario, ALIGNED is in growth mode. Most recently, ALIGNED Insurance acquired a firm that was founded in 1998. The firm came about after the merger of three well-established brokerage firms with roots that go back to 1912. People are at the heart of ALIGNED – an insurance organization that keeps setting itself apart from other national brokers.

Learn more about the Canadian ALIGNED Insurance team 

In short, each and every morning, we wake up and deliver a different insurance buying experience for Canadian businesses. Therefore, that’s what we focus on. Above all, this is why we believe aligning insurance experts to business needs is essential to supporting you and your business.

Growth Focused, Entrepreneurial People Are Joining The ALIGNED Team

In conclusion, ALIGNED is actively looking for people. Specifically, people who are interested in being part of a winning culture and a rapidly growing team.

To sum up, learn what led Andrew Clark, our President and CEO to found ALIGNED and our leadership.

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