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Retail Insurance Insight  |  You Owe A ‘Duty of Care’ To The Public

Retailers are an integral part of our economy. According to Industry Canada, “in 2011, the sector generated $457.4 billion in retail sales and represented approximately 12 percent of the Canadian workforce (Statistics Canada, 2012c).”1

As a Canadian retailer, you are the centre of a complex supply chain. From your building lease to your hiring practices to product recalls, your operations are surrounded by risk.

[Did you know?] In all provinces except Quebec, common law establishes that business owners owe a duty of care to the public. Unfortunately, accidents happen and injured people or parties may allege that:
> A duty of care was owed
> That duty of care was breached
> Damages and/or injuries were incurred

Whether you’ve transitioned from bricks to clicks, are introducing new products and services or looking to launch your first retail outlet, there are a multitude of decisions you need to make.

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This is where ALIGNED Insurance advocates can help.

From A To Z: Insuring Your Retail Operations 
Each and every day, your employees and operations face a multitude of risks. We take the time to assess your coverage needs and match these with the best possible insurance products and services.

Coverages most relevant to retail operations include:

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Across Canada, our advocates can help you secure the best insurance products, services and solutions for your retail operations. 100% Canadian owned, ALIGNED is a premiere insurance brokerage that serves clients across from offices in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver as well as a national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario.

Source: 1 Consumer Trends Update: Canada’s Changing Retail Market, Summer 2013

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