Insurance For Pet Stores In Canada

According to World Atlas, Canadians spent $8.48 billion on pet-related expenses in 2018. 

When you compare that number to the amount that people will probably spend over the lifetimes of their pets, it’s clear that pet stores are unlikely to run out of customers.

Even while you help customers find the perfect toy for Fido or Fluffy, however, there’s no getting away from the fact that your pet store is a business. Lawsuits can happen and there’s always a chance that someone could fall and hurt themselves while on your property. With the help of your ALIGNED insurance professional, however, you can quickly and efficiently find the pet store insurance you need.

Insurance For Pet Stores In Canada

Insurance for pet stores in Canada is a consideration each business owner has to take into account. Your pet stores need to run smoothly in order to grow your clientele and your reputation. Big box stores like Ren’s Pets have massive inventories and over 25 locations across Canada. Stores like Pet Value are franchises that are growing in new locations, currently expanding in Alberta. People love their pets. Your store may offer many services in addition to the products you sell. Do you offer grooming or training? Your insurance for pet stores in Canada can help you remain protected against any risks that face your business. Call ALIGNED Insurance at tel:18662870448 to talk to an insurance broker about getting insurance for a pet store today.

Why Do Pet Stores Need Customized Insurance?

Your pet store is not the same as any other retail store. The products you offer range in value depending on the focus of your store. If you run a location that helps foster or adopt pets, your insurance needs are different than a location that offers dog grooming and puppy training.

Insurance for pet stores in Canada can offer coverage for any liabilities involved in these services. You want to be sure you have insurance coverage that is customized to the products and services you offer. At ALIGNED Insurance our brokers search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada. Finding insurance for a pet store can be hard to find if you have to fill out multiple applications in order to get quotes and comparisons. At ALIGNED Insurance we do the legwork for you so you can make an informed decision without all that hassle.

What Types Of Insurance Do Pet Stores Need?

Pet stores need Commercial General Liability Insurance. Liability coverage can be different based on the services you offer. No matter what, you need to have coverage in case someone is injured in your store. If a visiting dog bites a customer, you need to have general liability coverage to cover potential legal costs. Liability risks for pet stores are often higher than other retail stores because of the furry friends we allow through the doors. It’s important for your integrity that your business allows dogs in your store. Unfortunately the risks become higher when you do.

Pet stores also need Product Liability Insurance in case a customer is harmed by a defective or malfunctioning product. You might not be aware that a bag of food has gone bad. If a customer brings it home and their pet gets sick, you could be liable. This type of insurance is needed so your insurance company can help you keep your doors open if you run into this type of claim.

Your pet store needs Property Insurance to cover costs of potential damages to your location. If your store experiences storm damage, or the building is damaged by a neighboring business, your insurance can help you recoup costs. Property insurance is a necessity for any store. Your property insurance may differ based on your location and the size of your store.

You’ll want to get Crime Insurance in order to have coverage for customer or employee crimes. If an employee is stealing from your inventory, you have insurance to cover lost revenue. Or if a customer commits credit card fraud, your insurance can mitigate those losses.

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Work With an ALIGNED Broker for Your Pet Store Insurance Needs

Between managing inventory, supervising staff, and handling customers, there’s never a dull moment when you’re running a pet store. When you have so much activity going on, however, it’s not easy to take time out of your busy schedule to assess your insurance options. Your ALIGNED broker will help you quickly find excellent pet store insurance at a fair rate.

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