Pet Trainer Business Insurance

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Pet Trainer Business Insurance

Obedience training, service training and sports and trick training pets can be fulfilling work but it’s not without risk. And because you’re sometimes dealing with “at-risk pets” with behavioural issues, there’s an increased chance that the animals you’re training can cause injuries or property damage. Pet trainer business insurance can help protect you from legal liability along with providing coverage for the pets under your care and any damage they may cause. Being insured under a pet trainer insurance policy can also give your pet training business the credibility it needs to set you apart from the competition. 

pet trainer business insurance
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Typical Risks Faced by Pet Training Businesses

Whether your pet training business is one-on-one at your home or you train several pets in a dedicated centre, you face several risks including: 

  • A pet in your training class escapes and is injured or causes damage to someone else’s property.
  • A pet in your training class attacks another pet.
  • Despite your obedience training and expertise, the owner of a pet you’ve trained ignores your advice for home training techniques. They then claim that your training doesn’t work when their pet returns its previous behaviour and threatens to sue.

The last scenario helps illustrate the point that you could be served with a costly lawsuit even if you’ve done everything right. Insurance for pet training businesses can protect you from unnecessary expenses and give you the tools you need to defend your reputation.  

Pet Trainer Business Insurance – Protecting you from unexpected expenses and lawsuits

Our comprehensive and customizable insurance for pet training businesses can cover the costs of veterinary bills and medical expenses, damage to property and legal liability expenses such as:

  • lawyer’s fees
  • out-of-court settlements
  • awards for damages against you

We customize our pet trainer business insurance packages for each client’s specific needs. Here are a few of the standard coverages that can be included in a pet trainer’s insurance plan:

The cost of pet trainer business insurance

The cost of pet trainer insurance varies from business to business. Some factors that might influence your pet trainer business insurance rates are as follows:

  • The services offered by your pet trainer business
  • The size and location of your pet trainer business
  • Your years of experience
  • Your insurance claim history
  • The number of employees at your pet trainer business
  • Your pet trainer business’s annual and projected revenue
  • Your training and certifications and that of your employees
  • The coverage options, policy limits, and policy deductibles you choose 

The benefits of pet trainer business insurance 

The main benefit of pet trainer business insurance is the financial protection it offers. In a wide range of scenarios, you could be covered rather than having to pay for the cost of a lawsuit or property damage out-of-pocket. For example, if your pet trainer business insurance policy includes professional liability insurance, you could be covered if a claim alleging misconduct, negligence, or failure to deliver a service as advertised is brought against you. This means that if a dog who graduated from your behavioural training program ignores commands and injures another dog, and their owner decides to sue you for negligence, your insurance company would help cover the costs. But without pet trainer business insurance, you might be on the hook for these expensive legal fees, which could have serious financial ramifications for your business. 

Finding pet trainer business insurance couldn’t be easier thanks to ALIGNED

If you’re wondering where to purchase pet trainer business insurance, then you’ve come to the right place. As a full-service insurance brokerage and the go-to commercial insurance brokerage in Canada, ALIGNED can help you find the right insurance policy for your pet training business in no time. Give us a call or contact us online to get started today. Your dedicated ALIGNED insurance broker will take the time to understand the unique needs of your business before contacting top insurance companies to obtain and compare quotes on your behalf. Before you know it, your pet training business will have the financial protection you deserve.

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When you choose ALIGNED, you get commercial insurance specialists who know exactly how much coverage our clients need. We work with Canada’s top insurance companies to get you comprehensive and affordable pet trainer’s insurance. So if you have questions about pet trainer business insurance, contact us today. You can also click here for a free quote.

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