Security Dog Training Business Insurance

Why is Security Dog Training Business Insurance Important?

With more people looking for a companion that can also act as a deterrent to criminals, security companies are no longer the only people looking for trained guard dogs. As you’re well aware, training security dogs comes with the potential for injuries and property damage. Not only can insurance for security dog training businesses help protect you from those risks, security companies and private citizens looking for a trained guard dog are going to want to know that the trainer is insured. 

Due to the high-risk nature of training security dogs, a lot of insurance providers, even ones that specialize in trainer liability insurance will often exclude coverage for security dog training businesses. At ALIGNED, we work with Canada’s top insurance companies and are able to get your security dog training business affordable insurance coverage that can comprehensively cover your risks.

Risk Scenarios Faced by Security Dog Training Businesses

Whether your security dog training business is one-on-one at your home or you train several pets in a dedicated training facility, you face several risks including:

  • A dog in your training class gets out and runs away.
  • A dog in your training session attacks someone when it’s not supposed to, resulting in an accidental injury.
  • A disgruntled client claims that your security dog training was inadequate and/or didn’t work on their dog and alleges negligence related to the quality of your training.

The last scenario is a reminder that you could be served with a costly lawsuit even if you’ve done everything right. Pet business insurance for security dog training businesses can protect you from unnecessary expenses and give you the tools you need to defend your training business. 

How Can Security Dog Training Business Insurance Protect You?

Our customizable insurance for security dog training businesses provides you with liability coverage from the costs of vet bills, medical expenses for injured third parties, damage to property and legal expenses such as:

  • lawyer’s fees
  • out-of-court settlements
  • awards for damages against you

What are the Coverages You Should Consider for Your Security Dog Training Business?

Here are a few of the coverages that can be included in security dog trainer insurance plans:

Errors and Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance or Tenant Legal Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance.

Get ALIGNED with an insurance company that protects your security dog training business.

When you choose ALIGNED, you get commercial insurance specialists who understand the insurance policies and know exactly how much coverage your business needs and will fight to get you the best rates for your coverage. Please contact us if you still have questions about the right security dog training business insurance for you.

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