Pet Boarding Insurance

Pet Boarding Insurance

Even for a pet care professional like you, it’s impossible to predict exactly how an animal will react to being separated from its owner and placed in a new environment. Covering you in case of injuries, illnesses, escapes or even death, pet boarding insurance can help protect you and your pet boarding services from losses and lawsuits that could put you out of business. Being insured can also help differentiate your pet boarding business from all the rest.

Pet boarding insurance is designed to protect your business if you board pets at your home or a pet boarding facility. If you provide in-home pet sitting services, visit our Pet Sitters Insurance page for specific information about insurance coverage for your business. 

How Can Pet Boarding Insurance Protect You?

Caring for pets during day visits or overnight involves numerous risks that need to be mitigated with pet boarding operations. The right plan could mean that you’re covered for:

  • Forgetting to lock a gate and a pet running away.
  • A pet eating a harmful substance while you’re momentarily distracted.
  • A client getting bitten or injured on your property
  • And so much more 

Pet care boarding insurance can cover expenses such as emergency veterinary services, medical expenses for injuries to third parties and property damage whether due to animals or natural disasters. If you’re served with a lawsuit, whether it has merit or not, your pet boarding insurance can also help protect your business by covering the legal costs to defend the suit. Those costs can include lawyer’s fees, out-of-court settlements and awards for damages.

What’s Included in Pet Boarding Insurance?

pet boarding insurance
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Our pet boarding insurance coverages are customized to meet your specific business needs. Below are a few standard coverages that can be included as part of a pet boarding insurance plan:

Errors and Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Property Insurance or Tenant Legal Liability Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Get a Free Quote on Pet Boarding Insurance

Curious about how much it will cost to protect your pet boarding business with an insurance company? For a free quote on pet boarding insurance, simply fill out the application and email it to for a quick reply. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the application.

ALIGNED protects your pet boarding business so that you can focus on protecting pets.

Our brokers are advocates that work to protect your business. When you choose ALIGNED, you get commercial insurance specialists who know exactly how much coverage your pet boarding business needs. We work with Canada’s top insurance companies to get you comprehensive pet boarding insurance at rates you can afford. Contact us if you have questions about the right pet boarding business insurance plan for you.

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