Insurance for Pet Care Professionals

As a pet care professional, you’re entrusted with the health and well-being of a member of the family. From runaway pets to injuries or even death, a lot can happen in a split second when it comes to our furry friends. Whether you’re a single pet care professional or have multiple employees, protecting yourself and your business from liability is just as important to the work you do as your love of animals. With coverage from the right insurance for pet care professionals, you can protect yourself, your clients, and their companions.

insurance for pet care professionals
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What Pet Care Professionals Are Covered?

We can handle any size pet care business, but also have special insurance products for pet care professionals/businesses that have annual sales/revenues up to $250,000 and product sales up to $50,000. We cover all types of pet businesses including, but not limited to: 

  • Catteries 
  • Dog Clubs & Societies
  • Dog Kennels
  • Dog Walkers 
  • Dry Dog Food & Treats Manufacturing
  • Greyhound Dog Assessment 
  • Microchipping 
  • Pet Accessories Manufacturing
  • Pet Daycare 
  • Pet Groomers 
  • Pet Therapies (Ex Equine & Vets)
  • Pet Trainers 
  • Pet Transportation
  • Pound Dog Assessment 
  • Security Dog Training 

Of course, a lot of pet sitters provide several services. Our insurance for pet care professionals is customizable and will be tailored to your specific needs.

What is Insurance for Pet Care Professionals and do I really need it?

There are a lot of risks when it comes to grooming, walking, training, transporting and everything else that comes with pet care. Insurance for pet care professionals can protect you and your business in case of an accident by providing you coverage for: 

  • medical expenses for injuries
  • third-party property damage
  • legal expenses including lawyer’s fees
  • out-of-court settlements
  • damages awarded against you

What Kind of Insurance Does a Pet Sitter Need?

Any business has operational risks that they need to protect themselves against to avoid costly financial repercussions. Although pet sitting seems like an easy and stress-free job, there are still risks that require robust insurance protection. Whether it’s ice and sleet on the roads while dropping off their pet at your pet sitting facility, someone getting injured by the pet you’re watching, or the pet is injured or gets sick, claims and lawsuits could arise. Some lawsuits could end up costing your pet sitting business a lot of money if you don’t have insurance.

General liability insurance is essential for pet sitters to protect their business against third-party claims stating property damage or bodily injury. For example, if a client is injured in your pet facility while dropping or picking up their pet, general liability insurance helps cover medical fees and legal defence costs. Pet sitters also need errors and omissions insurance, especially if you also provide other pet-related services. Errors and omissions insurance protects you against claims of misconduct, errors, negligence, and omissions.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Pet Sitting Business?

There are many factors that determine the cost of insuring a pet sitting business, such as the size of your business, the number of employees you have, and the types of services you offer. The amount of deductibles you choose also has an impact. Higher deductibles generally mean lower insurance premiums.

Do You Need Insurance To Be a Dog Trainer?

Insurance is important for dog trainers. Dog trainers provide specialized services, provide professional advice, and are responsible for the well-being of the dogs under their supervision. You are responsible for injuries and property damage arising from you or your employees. Insurance also protects your commercial from insured perils. Purchasing insurance can protect your business against these operational risks that would otherwise be costly for your business to pay.

What Does Bonded and Insured Mean for Pet Sitters?

Being bonded and having liability coverage for their clients’ home contents is essential. Bonding protects against dishonest acts committed by you, your employees, or any contractors you hire for your business. It provides compensation if your clients suffer property damage or injuries. Bonding also protects the clients if the pet sitter steals something from the owner. General liability insurance typically excludes intentional wrongful acts.

What are the Coverages that can be Included with Insurance for Pet Care Professionals? 

Depending on the size of your pet care business, you may need all or some of the following coverages:

Errors and Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Property Insurance or Tenant Legal Liability Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance 

What risks do pet care professionals face?

Pet care professionals face a unique set of risks, which is why purchasing insurance is so important. Risky scenarios that pet care businesses may face include if a dog walker’s dog accidentally bites someone on the street, if two cats at your cattery get into a fight and require veterinary care, or if a fire breaks out in your pet daycare, damaging the premises. Of course, it is impossible to list all the possible risks that come with operating a pet care business. 

What factors impact the cost of insurance for pet care professionals?

Many factors impact the cost of insurance for pet care professionals. Insurance companies take into account a wide range of details when calculating insurance premiums. Some of the most common factors that impact the cost of insurance for pet care professionals are the services offered by your pet care business, the location of your business, your years of experience, the number of workers you employ, your pet care business’s annual and projected revenue, your insurance claims history, your training and certifications and that of your employees, and the coverage options, policy limits, and policy deductibles you choose. 

How can I get insurance for pet care professionals?

You can obtain insurance for pet care professionals by contacting an insurance provider or getting in touch with a trusted insurance broker like ALIGNED. Purchasing insurance through a broker comes with many benefits. For example, we do the work for you, shopping around on your behalf while you sit back, relax, and spend your free time exactly how you want to spend it. Plus, we are commercial insurance experts, which means you can rest easy knowing we’ll find you the best policy at the best possible price. Lastly, since we work independently of insurance companies, we can offer our objective opinion on the right coverage for your pet care business. 

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