Is Professional Liability Insurance Worth It In Canada?

Wondering if professional liability insurance is really worth it? Ask yourself this…

Am I perfect? As much as you strive to deliver the very best services, advice and guidance to your clients, being perfect 100% of the time isn’t always achievable. In fact, one tiny inadvertent error can lead to a chain reaction of complex and costly problems down the road. If you work as a consultant in any capacity, you know that it’s your expert advice that people seek out. And the potential for things to go wrong is exactly what makes professional liability insurance worth it for Canadian consultants and business owners.

In the real world, mistakes happen. This real-world Canadian claim proves the worth of professional liability insurance

A seemingly innocuous mistake has the potential to quickly snowball. Here’s how it can happen. Let’s say you are a recruiting consultant and fail to conduct a reference check on a prospective employee for your client. After they are hired, the new employee misappropriates money from your client’s company.

Unfortunately, that missing reference check was the tipping point in this situation. That’s because the recently hired employee has a long history of fraud. In an effort to recover the missing funds, your client decides to sue you &/or the company. Based on the scope of work and your experience as a recruiting consultant, your client claims that duty was breached. Your client claims the financial loss they suffered was a direct result of your negligence as a recruiting consultant.1

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in. As a professional who provides expert advice, liability insurance is worth it in Canada. That’s because professional liability insurance protects you as the consultant and covers your organization/business and its reputation. It’s also because many prospective clients now require professional liability insurance from their business consultants.

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Sources:  1 ALIGNED Insurance: Why business consultants need E&O coverage; 2 ALIGNED Insurance: Online professional liability insurance for a business consultant in Canada

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