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As a photographer, you can honestly say that no two days are exactly the same and mean it. One day you could be a wedding photographer shooting at an elegant venue, the next day you could be capturing college graduation, and the week after that you might be helping a local business take pictures for its online store service.

But whether you’re filming a bride at her reception or you’ve been retained by a high-powered corporation, or you are a freelance photographer there’s one thing that all of your clients have in common:

They’re depending on you to capture all the best angles at their important moments.

From restless children to bad weather and unhappy clients, however, there’s always a level of personal and professional risk involved when you offer your photography business services to the public. That’s why it’s important to protect your business with high-quality photographer insurance.

Here Are 3 Types of Insurance Coverage Options That Photographers May Want to Explore

1. Professional Liability Insurance Policy 

It goes without saying that you do your best to take fantastic photos for your clients. But even when you’re being careful and taking every precaution, things can still go wrong. Prints can be ruined during development if you use traditional film or the camera could be jerked at the wrong time. 

But whether you’re capturing a wedding or your corporate client is depending on your photos ahead of a major product rollout, these honest mistakes can have serious consequences for your clients. 

Professional liability insurance can help photographers’ business owners protect themselves financially in the event of a lawsuit that alleges financial loss associated with the services provided.

2. Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage

Many photographers work out of a photography studio on a part-time or full-time basis. Between the lights, the stands, and the camera tripods, and other pieces of equipment, there’s always a chance that a customer could fall and hurt themselves while on your property.

Personal injury lawsuits can be very hard on a company’s cash flow. Even the settlements can be costly to pay out of pocket.

Commercial general liability insurance makes it possible for you to be covered for defense and judgment costs if a third party, like a customer, family, or another guest, suffers either bodily injury or property damage while on your premises.

3. Commercial Property Insurance For Photographers

As a professional photographer, your equipment is everything. From your camera to your lights and your lenses, your professional equipment is probably worth thousands of dollars. 

If a natural disaster was to hit your building or if a fire broke out at your studio, replacing your equipment would be a very high expense.

Commercial property insurance policies can insure against fire and lightning damage when you have basic coverage, but you can also get equipment insurance coverage against any damage caused by theft or vandalism. Your ALIGNED insurance agent will be able to help you find the photography business insurance coverage options that make the most sense for your situation.

Here’s Why You Should Work With an ALIGNED Broker for Your Photographer Insurance Needs

Before, during, and after a photoshoot, anything can happen. But when you have the right type of professional photographer insurance, you can protect your livelihood, photography equipment, medical bills, and your business.

When you work with an ALIGNED broker, you’re getting all the benefits of partnering with a qualified insurance professional who will be able to assess your risks and recommend personalized insurance solutions. In the same way that your clients call you when they need their pictures done right, you can rely on us to get you the coverage that you and your business deserve. 

Are you ready to explore your insurance options? Request your FREE photographer insurance online quote today! Here at ALIGNED, we’re committed to helping you get top-notch photographer business insurance at the best rates possible. Contact us to get started.

How Much Does Photographer Insurance Cost?

It mostly depends on the types of coverages you purchase for your insurance policy and how much coverage limit you have. The more insurance you purchase, the more expensive your insurance policy will cost. Insurance companies also look at your claims history, the size of your business, projected annual revenue, how many employees you have, and the location of your business.

Photographer insurance rates could start from as low as $40 per month for a basic policy and go up to $70 per month or more for a more comprehensive plan. It all depends on which insurance company you use and how they calculate your risk as an insurance customer. Using an insurance brokerage like ALIGNED can help you compare quotes to find an affordable plan that meets your coverage needs and budget.

Do Photographers Carry Insurance?

Photographers don’t have to carry insurance, but it’s always best practice for any business to purchase adequate insurance coverage. Photographer insurance protects your business and its assets against third-party claims, litigation, and unexpected events. A customer could sue your studio for the injuries or property damage sustained on your property and as a result of your services. They could also file a claim if you don’t deliver your services properly. Your studio could be partially or completely damaged in a fire, flood, storm, or theft incident. Regardless of the case, insurance helps you cover medical, legal defence, and settlement costs up to a limit, so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket.

What Insurance Does A Photography Studio Need?

General liability insurance is always a great start for any business. It protects the studio against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage resulting from your operations. Some photographers offer off-site sessions, either at the client’s home or at another location. Commercial auto insurance helps cover accidents on the road.

Cyber insurance is another important coverage to have, especially because you’re uploading and editing your customers’ private photos on your computer. If someone hacks into your computer and steals those pictures, cyber insurance protects your business to a certain degree against the invasion of privacy.

Does A Photographer Need Public Liability Insurance?

It’s good for a photographer to carry public liability insurance to protect their business against claims resulting from injuries or accidents from their business activities. Public liability insurance also covers accidental property damage caused to someone else.

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