Why Business Consultants Need E&O Coverage

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Why Business Consultants Need E&O Coverage

Are you working as a “consultant”? If so you need to know that as professionals providing expert advice, consultants are held to a high standard of care by their clients, and regardless of their area of expertise—management, benefits, environmental, marketing, media, technology—consultants need to have E&O insurance. Not only does this protect you as the consultant, but it also covers your organization/business and their reputation, more and more it is a mandatory requirement by a prospective client.

A Real Canadian Claims Example Of Why Business Consultants Need E&O Coverage

A recruiting consultant does not conduct a reference check on a prospective employee for a client. Subsequently, the employee misappropriates sums of money from the company. A reference check by the consultant would have revealed that the employee had a long history of fraud. The employer sues the consultant to recover the missing funds and the consultant is found to be negligent as they owed a duty to their client based on their scope of work and expertise and that duty was breached and resulted in a financial loss which was a direct result of the consultant’s negligence.

What Business Consultants Need E&O Coverage?

Business consultants need E&O insurance if they are providing advice to clients for compensation and the following list is just a small sampling of the types of E&O Insurance available through ALIGNED Insurance Brokers:

  • Aerial mappers E&O Insurance
  • Architectural/Engineering technicians and technologists E&O Insurance
  • Cabling designers E&O Insurance
  • Geologists E&O Insurance
  • Graphic artists E&O Insurance
  • Human Resources (HR) Professionals E&O Insurance
  • Insurance adjusters E&O Insurance
  • Interior designers E&O Insurance
  • Laboratories (non-medical) E&O Insurance
  • Management consultants E&O Insurance
  • Market researchers E&O Insurance
  • Marketing/Advertising consultants E&O Insurance
  • Media/Communications consultants E&O Insurance
  • Non-destructive testers E&O Insurance
  • Occupational health and safety consultants E&O Insurance
  • Printers E&O Insurance
  • Private investigators E&O Insurance
  • Publishers E&O Insurance
  • Quantity surveyors E&O Insurance
  • Real estate and development consultants E&O Insurance
  • Safety code officers E&O Insurance
  • Translators E&O Insurance
  • Urban planners E&O Insurance
  • Other

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