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Tips To Reduce Commercial Car Insurance Costs For Your Business

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Tips To Reduce Commercial Car Insurance Costs For Your Business

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For many businesses commercial auto insurance is a considerable cost and potential liability.  ALIGNED can help reduce commercial car  insurance costs and can help limit potential liability in a number of ways including the below tips.

8 Tips To Reduce Commercial Car Insurance Costs For Your Business

  1. Create consistent standards for all drivers
  2. Verify past work history and safety records
  3. Conduct background checks
  4. Evaluate motor vehicle records (MVRs) for violations with the help of your ALIGNED Advocate
  5. Conduct written road tests
  6. Verify certification
  7. Adhere to applicable commercial vehicle driver qualification rules
  8. Secure driving references from past employers

Good Drivers Are Also Good For Business

You and your organizations clients depend on their drivers and the decisions they make on the road every day. Here are some ways that good drivers benefit a company’s bottom line:

  •  Reduce the cost of loss. Commercial vehicle accidents are among the most costly of claims for businesses. Safe drivers can help lower the possibility of loss due to accidents and reduce insurance costs.
  •   Lower liability in case of loss. Effective screening, hiring, training and monitoring can help reduce the chance of loss and therefore significant potenital liability.
  •   Boost a company’s public image. Every driver has the potential to send a message. When your company vehicle is headed down the highway, you want it to tell a positive story about your company. A good driver tells the kind of story you want to tell.

For more information on the above 8 tips to reduce commercial car insurance costs for your business or for  fleet or individually rated auto insurance quotes  for your business speak to an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate today or connect with us at www.alignedinsurancecom

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