Insurance For Pet Products In Canada

Insurance For Pet Products In Canada

Insurance for pet products in Canada is your company’s way of protecting your business from the unknown. You want your company to grow. In order for that to happen, your insurance company can help. Insurance for pet products in Canada is used for businesses who run into liability claims or other unexpected issues. Whether your business is mostly online or in-stores, your insurance should help with any problem that arises. At ALIGNED Insurance we search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada to find you the insurance for pet products in Canada that fits your business.

Pet product manufacturers are not limited in their supply to customers. Many manufacturers make it their mission to help local shelters by providing food, products and information. Since 1968 Royal Canin has considered nutrition to be a pet’s first medicine. At Royal Canin, not only does the company direct supply to consumers, they also have a Royal Canin Shelter Program. They have a blog with information about health concerns in shelters and how to avoid shelter related illnesses. They offer support in the form of donations and education. It’s companies like this that rely on insurance for pet products in Canada in order to stay in business.

Customizing Your Insurance

Insurance for pet products in Canada is different from insurance for pet stores. It’s important that your insurance company understands the difference between your business and a retail pet store. Customized insurance is more likely to be effective for claims you want to make. Your insurance coverage should extend to all aspects of your business whether you manufacture goods in Canada or overseas. Canadian guidelines will define what your company is responsible for. This is how your insurance company will know what circumstances you might be liable for.

What Types Of Insurance Do Pet Product Manufacturers Need?

Your company will need Commercial General Liability Insurance. This type of insurance covers you for liability claims like worker or customer injuries. For many manufacturers, employee wellness is a huge concern. You may be liable if an employee is injured at your factory. It’s up to your insurance company to provide coverage for any legal costs that come from an accident or injury in the workplace.

Product Liability Insurance is often a part of general liability insurance. Your product liability insurance will offer coverage for many potential risks your company faces. Given that your company has a much higher volume of products than a retail store, your coverage should be different.

Your product liability insurance is used for claims related to injuries or illness from defective products or improper warning labels. If your dog food label is missing an ingredient that it contains and a dog gets sick, you’re liable. In this case, your insurance company would help you pay for legal costs that would come from a situation like this. It’s important to the growth of your business that these types of product defects don’t weigh you down.

You may also want to consider Property Insurance to provide coverage for your building and it’s contents. If your equipment breaks down you want help from your insurance company to replace it. In addition, you may also want this type of coverage in case a storm or flood damages your inventory. Your insurance can help replace losses that you might face for these types of weather related accidents.

Crime Insurance may also benefit your company. If you have a large order from a business that’s committing fraud, your insurance company can help. As you grow your business, you want to be able to jump at every chance to gain clients. Unfortunately this sometimes comes with risks. If your business is the victim of a crime, your insurance company is there to recoup losses.

Where Can I Find Pet Product Insurance?

Insurance for pet products in Canada is easy for us at ALIGNED Insurance. You can choose to use ALIGNED Insurance Online Products in order to get insurance instantly. Or, if you want to talk through your options for customized insurance, you can call us at tel:18662870448. Insurance for pet products is necessary for every manufacturer. Let us help you get the insurance you need for your company. We can help you to feel confident that you’ll be prepared for anything.

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