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Without risk, there can be no rewards. In a nutshell, the capacity to take risks is what drives the world forward. Legendary risk taker and entrepreneur Richard Branson believes that people and businesses who are prepared to take the greatest risks are ultimately, also the luckiest. He narrows down what he believes to be the best quotes about risk and business into his personal top 10. 

On, Branson rates the following quote #10: “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”– Mark Zuckerberg” 1

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Risk is the reason why insurance exists. And while building a commercial business in space may not yet be on the radar for your business, you still have to manage day-to-day as well as bigger picture risks. That’s why finding an insurance broker for commercial insurance is so fundamentally important. 

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This article is all about what you need to know about getting an insurance broker for commercial insurance – whether your business is in pre-pre-start-up mode, just launching, expanding or charting new growth potential – read on to learn about what’s happening now in commercial insurance Canada. 

What to look for | Find an insurance broker for commercial insurance

Value is at the heart of what any professional insurance broker does for their clients. The precise value an insurance broker delivers includes their expertise as well as their capacity to critically assess:

  1. The unique risks that your business faces within the Canadian marketplace
  2. The specialized products and services available from Canadian insurance companies that would be an ideal fit to match your risks
  3. The best commercial insurance options to match the specific needs of your business right now and in the future

When you are looking for an insurance broker for commercial insurance, be aware that the best busineBusiness Insurance Onlyss brokers are known for delivering much more than just a policy. There are multiple things to consider when looking at commercial coverage. This is why the ALIGNED team across Canada is proud to deliver 18 unique points of differentiation

These 18 reasons have been our foundation since day one and are just some ways in which we differentiate ourselves in the Canadian commercial insurance marketplace. In fact, we’re proud to be recognized as one of the best business insurance brokers in Canada. Here are two ways we stand out:

24/7/365. Priority Claims Response. We partner with WINMAR® to ensure all ALIGNED Insurance clients receive priority positioning when they experience a loss at any of their locations. Established in 1977, WINMAR®’s network of 90 locations across Canada provides quality restoration services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our partnership ensures claim costs are minimized and your organization is back up and running as soon as possible.

Business Insurance Only.Our insurance brokers from coast-to-coast-to-coast are exclusively specialized in commercial insurance for Canadian businesses. We focus solely on providing the best expertise, products and service experience possible to your business in Canada.

Commercial Insurance Canada | Why the right insurance broker makes such a difference

Risk happens. Working with the right insurance broker helps you get the best commercial insurance options in Canada. 

Our team knows the importance of delivering the best commercial insurance options. We are proud to do business with top Canadian insurance companies. This means that we deliver top commercial insurance options to each and every client who we work with across the country. 

The more insurance companies that an insurance broker works with the more choice you get as a client. We work with more than 55 of Canada’s top commercial insurance companies and that means that we deliver both choice and value to our clients. 

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When you are in the market for commercial insurance you should be aware that the quality of companies you are looking at is also important. Every commercial insurance company has different levels of financial stability, capacity, expertise, service levels as well as claims handling standards.  

We take into consideration many factors when we decide who to partner with. We carefully select each and every commercial insurance company we do business with to ensure that our clients only work with the best Canadian insurance companies.

Information matters | The value of an insurance broker who specializes in commercial insurance

Personal lines insurance is vastly different than business insurance. We appreciate this difference and continue to focus exclusively on delivering the best commercial insurance options to our clients. 

When it comes to buying commercial insurance our experienced insurance brokers are ready to line up a variety of products that specifically meet the needs of Canadian businesses. 

Our website provides comprehensive info about commercial insurance coverages – for small to medium sized enterprises as well as major corporations. In the meantime, if you want to learn a bit more about some of the most popular commercial coverages in Canada, simply click on any of the subjects below:

Insurance that’s aligned | How an ALIGNED insurance broker delivers better commercial options

Where your commercial business is located is just the starting point when it comes to managing business risk in Canada. Wherever you are located, know that we’re here to deliver a different insurance experience for your business operations.

Our team knows that the most important thing we do is actively support Canadian business. Every day, we take pride in aligning the best commercial insurance products and services to meet the specific needs of a particular business.

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You can find an ALIGNED commercial insurance broker online and by selecting a location where we are located. From our Toronto corporate head office, to Vancouver to Calgary to our Cambridge national operations centre, we are here to deliver expert commercial insurance advice. You can find an ALIGNED commercial insurance broker online and by picking a location.

Risk & Insurance ALIGNMENT | Get your commercial insurance Canada quote aligned. 

If you are ready to work with an insurance broker who is truly dedicated to commercial insurance, it’s time to get aligned. We invite you to work with us to get all of your Canadian commercial insurance needs aligned today.

Want to discuss your commercial insurance needs with an ALIGNED insurance broker? You can reach us toll-free at 1-866-287-0448 or via email
Source(s): “Richard Branson: My top 10 quotes on risk”

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