Top Insurance Companies in Canada

Your search for the best commercial insurance company in Canada is over.

Many people think that there are an infinite number of commercial insurance companies in Canada. But the reality is there aren’t that many players and the Canadian marketplace is actually surprisingly small!

Due to the significant barriers to entry, there are fewer commercial insurance companies in Canada than you might expect. These barriers include:

  • Extensive regulatory and licensing requirements
  • Overwhelming capital requirements
  • Risk of significant financial losses
  • Experience and expertise needed

Fortunately, founders, business owners, CFOs, and controllers like you have an easy choice when it comes to shopping around for commercial insurance companies in Canada: the experienced commercial insurance brokers at ALIGNED Insurance

ALIGNED Insurance works with more than 70 of the top commercial insurance carriers in Canada and will ensure you get the best insurance products to protect your organization and assets!

We Work With the Top Insurance Firms in Canada

At ALIGNED Insurance, we don’t just partner with any insurance company. We carefully select the top Canadian insurance companies we do business with to ensure that ALIGNED clients only work with the best insurers in Canada. 

Our partnership with these companies allows you to access a variety of coverage choices, ensuring you have the right coverage to meet your business’s unique needs while offering the flexibility to manage your insurance effectively. 

We are honoured to align with over 70 of Canada’s most prominent and respected insurance companies, some of which include:

We Can Help Your Business Secure The Best Insurance Types for Your Needs

At ALIGNED, our goal is to provide you with the right coverage that meets the specific needs of your Canadian business at a price you can afford. We can help you secure a comprehensive range of insurance products, including: 

How, What & Why We Do Insurance Differently…

At ALIGNED Insurance, we understand the importance of having the right coverage because we’ve been on both sides of the insurance process—as those who’ve needed protection and as those committed to helping others find the coverage they deserve.

Andrew Clark, our founder, grew up with a strong desire to help others. Then, his life changed forever when he was involved in a serious automobile accident for which he was at fault. This experience reinforced the importance of having the right coverage and inspired him to build an insurance brokerage that helps clients save and manage their insurance effectively while ensuring they have the protection they need.

Learn more about the situation that led Andrew to open ALIGNED Insurance.

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ALIGNED Insurance is here to help you find insurance policies that align with your business at a price you can afford. Whether you operate in a high-risk workplace, want to protect your vehicle fleet, need property insurance, or anything in between, our services are tailored to help secure your future while safeguarding you, your employees and your work environment. 

Reach out now and see how ALIGNED can make a difference for your business. Know which insurance products your business needs? Get a quote!

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