Top Canadian insurance companies

Want to access the top business insurance companies in Canada? Get ALIGNED now.

ALIGNMENT Matters. We’ve known this since we started our journey to bring better business insurance options and value to Canadians. And, most importantly, deliver a different kind of insurance experience.

This is why we proudly partner with more than 65 top Canadian insurance companies. We’re honoured to align with so many the most prominent and respected insurance companies across Canada.

Which specific insurance companies a Canadian insurance broker works with speaks volumes about the insurance brokerage. That’s because one of the biggest benefits of working with a commercial insurance brokerage is your ability to access coverage choices.

ALIGNED brokers work with top Canadian insurance companies – and that’s important for insurance buyers. Each insurance company has  different levels of financial stability, capacity, expertise, service levels and claims handling quality.

We carefully select the top Canadian insurance companies we do business with based on numerous factors. We do this to ensure that ALIGNED clients only work with the best insurers in Canada.

Some of the top Canadian insurance companies ALIGNED does business with are:

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How, what & why we do insurance differently…

We’re proud to deliver a different insurance experience to every ALIGNED client. Learn more about our founder, Andrew Clark and what led him to build ALIGNED Insurance here.

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