ALIGNMENT Matters issue 31 | Loving Insurance Matters

ALIGNMENT Matters issue 31 | Loving Insurance Matters

If you know me, you may know I don’t use the “L” word lightly. This being said, from the bottom of my heart, I’m proud to say that I love insurance! It’s a product and industry that not only changed my life but allows me to help countless others when worst case scenarios happen. However, I also appreciate that not everyone shares my love of insurance! In fact, I know many people loathe, distrust &/or even dislike the whole idea of insurance. That’s why…we’re doing insurance differently!

Why Loving Insurance Matters.

In 2014, I launched ALIGNED because I wanted to deliver a different kind of insurance experience to Canadian businesses. My focus was and is on building a better brokerage.  Nearly 5 years later and with more than 1,400 loyal customers across Canada, we’ve made some progress in our quest to help others love insurance…or, at least, like it more!

We are incredibly encouraged by the positive feedback people give us including those who are kind enough to take the time for a much appreciated and helpful Google review. Clients also regularly email us to share their appreciation. Just the other week, a colleague and I got an email that read, “We still believe that the switch to ALIGNED has been one of the best things we have done during our expansion and restructuring. You and your team are amazing, keep up the good work.”

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ALIGNMENT Matters issue 31 | Loving Insurance Matters

Thanks as always for taking the time to be part of our journey and please keep in mind that if you aren’t exactly loving your insurance experience &/or broker/brokerage, we’d love to hear from you. Things can always be better and we’d LOVE to show you how!

Andrew Clark, MBA, CAIB, RF, FCIP, RPLU
President & CEO, ALIGNED Insurance Inc.
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IN DEPTH | ALIGNMENT Matters issue 31 

OUR STORYPresident and CEO Andrew Clark launched ALIGNED because he wanted to deliver a different kind of insurance broker experience to Canadian businesses. Growing up with a strong desire to help others, Andrew’s life changed forever in July 2001 when he was involved in a serious automobile accident for which he was at fault. Shortly after the accident, Andrew received a Statement of Claim in the amount of $2,200,000. Read the story that led to ALIGNED.

FEATURE The number of insurance companies licensed in Canada is quite small, but the number of licensed brokers often feels infinite. It’s important to also note that most brokers have access to the exact same insurers, products and pricing so it’s important to distinguish the selection of a broker/brokerage from the selection of the best insurer for your organization.

When evaluating insurance brokers, it is important to find a broker that can best serve the needs of your business – both today and in the future. You will likely start out by requesting a written proposal from a number of firms and, through evaluations and interviews, streamline your “candidate” pool. When you renew coverage, learn about the 13 questions your broker should be able to answer here.

NOW ONLINE! We are making it easier for Canadian business to get their insurance aligned online. In addition to our just launched product for RETAIL STORES  engineers, architects & surveyors can now get E&O aka professional liability aligned online with us by clicking here! 

PEOPLE Since day one, it’s been our mission to deliver a different kind of insurance brokerage experience to our clients. And this is one of the reasons why people chose to become part of the ALIGNED team across Canada. We recently welcomed a new assistant advocate to our team. Kathleen Keegan, ACIP reports to our CEO Andrew Clark and works out of our new National Operations Centre in Cambridge, Ontario. Kathleen recently shared some insights as to why she is proud to be part of the ALIGNED Insurance Team. In her own words, here’s what Kathleen has to say about ALIGNED…

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