ALIGNED For General Commercial Liability Insurance In Canada

ALIGNED | For General Commercial Liability Insurance In Canada

Our job is to make commercial insurance easier for people in Canada. From Victoria, BC to St. John’s Newfoundland, we take our job as business insurance brokers seriously. This is why we are proud to deliver a different insurance experience to Canadian businesses.

There’s nothing generic about General Commercial Liability Insurance 

Duty of care.These three words are the foundation of general commercial liability or, as it is more commonly referred to, CGL – commercial general liability – insurance. With the exception of Québec, every single Canadian province applies the concept of ‘duty of care’ when it comes to business owners. Duty of care is part of common law and establishes that owners of businesses owe a specific ‘duty of care’ to members of the general public regardless of the type of business they operate.

When an unfortunate accident happens, this means that an injured person or party may allege that a duty of care was owed; that duty of care was breached; and that damages and/or injuries were incurred. In this situation, the negligence of a business may be alleged. Those who suffer damages and/or injuries may decide to demand compensation under what’s commonly referred to as personal injury law. 

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Attorneys who specialize in personal injury lawsuits are often only paid if they are successful in securing a financial settlement or award from the business that is alleged to be at fault. A duty of care lawsuit can be a serious threat to the financial stability of any business in Canada. 

This is why businesses in Canada seek out general commercial liability insurance coverage. CGL insurance typically includes a variety of coverages that are specifically designed to manage commercial liability risks.

What’s Inside – 5 key parts of general commercial liability insurance 

In the market to manage the liability risks your commercial business faces every day? Be aware of the specific coverages available in Canada. When looking at CGL coverage, know that general commercial liability insurance will often include:

  1. Completed Operations – such as when a plumber installs a new toilet that begins to leak and quickly damages the contents of the room below. Completed operations is designed to cover the insured’s work completed as called for in a contract, or work completed at a single job site under a contract involving multiple job sites, or work that’s been put to its intended use. 
  2. Bodily Injury To Third Parties – such as a situation whereby a customer trips, slips and falls in your retail operation and breaks a leg. This coverage is designed for bodily harm, sickness, or disease, including resulting death that result from insured business operations. 
  3. Property Damage To Third Parties– such as a construction contractor who accidentally damages the building next to the one that they are working on. This includes damage caused to property of others.
  4. Product Liability – a customer becomes sick after eating at your dining establishment. This coverage includes the liability for bodily injury or property damage that is specifically incurred by a merchant or manufacturer as a consequence of some defect in the product sold and/or manufactured.
  5. Tenants Legal Liability – for instance, the employee of an asset management company leaves a lit candle on their office desk overnight that catches fire and ultimately burns down the entire office tower. The tenant accepts responsibility for damage they may cause to the building which they rent or lease from a landlord.   

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Tenants Legal Liability– for instance, the employee of an asset management company leaves a lit candle on their office desk overnight that catches fire and ultimately burns down the entire office tower. The tenant accepts responsibility for damage they may cause to the building which they rent or lease from a landlord.  

What ALIGNED does differently – Tiered Service Levels

If you own or lead a commercial business, you know your organization has unique needs as well as service requirements when it comes to general commercial liability insurance. You need liability insurance that manages day-to-day and worst-case scenario risk. 

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You also want to ensure a coverage fit that works with your bottom line, not just on day one but as your business grows and evolves. A flexible approach to service levels is one of 18 ways in which we do insurance differently at ALIGNED.

In fact, we specifically deliver tiered service levels for you to choose from when you are selecting commercial liability insurance. Check out four diagrams that illustrate how each of our service levels break out here on our website.

Choice is at the heart of how our unique tiered service levels work. We offer for distinct service levels – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each of these service levels include a different level of documentation, core services and risk management units to meet the specific needs of a business. You choose the service level that works the best for your business. This means that you get the service level you want and only pay for the service level you receive.

More than General Commercial Liability Insurance – Discover ALIGNED Risk Management Services

Each of our service levels include a specific amount of risk management units. Some of the risk management services that ALIGNED clients use their units for include:

  • Employee Transition Consulting
  • Succession Planning/tax Consulting Assessment 
  • Public Relations Consulting Services
  • Internal Controls Audit 
  • Regulatory and Tax Reports on Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Audit of Financials 
  • Driver Training
  • Access to Legal Counsel 
  • Health and Safety Assessment
  • Marshall & Swift Building Replacement Cost Assessment 
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Review of Corporate By-laws 
  • Emergency Preparedness Evaluation
  • Tax Optimization Audit 
  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Business Continuity Planning Sessions 
  • Abuse Policies and Training
  • Employee Handbook Development

To learn more about ALIGNED risk management services and how they can help your business manage general commercial liability risks, talk to an ALIGNED advocate.

Risk & Insurance ALIGNMENT | Get your general commercial liability insurance aligned. 

ALIGNED insurance brokers are dedicated to business insurance. Work with us to get all of your Canadian general commercial insurance needs aligned today.

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