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Window Tinting Business Insurance

Window Tinting Business Insurance
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Many of your customers are keen to have their car or truck windows tinted and look to you for your expertise. Tinted windows block UV rays and cut down on heat for passengers. They even protect passengers from broken glass in the event of an accident. The laws in Canada differ by province in terms of how much you are allowed to tint a driver’s windows. As an expert in this field, your customers rely on you to assist them in making the right choices for their vehicles. 

You should also be protecting yourself and your business investment in the form of the right insurance package for your Window Tinting Business. 

Why is the right insurance important for a window tinting business? 

Window Tinting Business Insurance
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As the owner of a window tinting business, you have the responsibility of applying the right amount of tint to your customer’s windows, meeting both their expectations and the ones you are required to meet by law. There are a variety of ways window tinting can go wrong, and you need to be covered in the event of the following scenarios: 

  • A customer is visiting your shop to see the tint on his vehicle windows. While in the shop, he slips and falls on oil residue on the floor, injuring himself. 
  • A customer alleges in a statement of claim that one of your employees  made the tint too dark on a customer’s window and the accident they got in was a result of them is partially your fault.
  • While moving a customer’s car back into your parking lot after finishing a job, your employee hits a concrete barrier, putting a dent in the car. 

The advantage of ALIGNED Insurance coverage 

At ALIGNED, we work with Canada’s best insurance companies to customize the best package for your small business. There are some of the coverages you can discuss with us for your Window Tinting Business: 

Commercial General Liability to protect against bodily injury or property damage that may occur on your business’ premises and/or while operating your business.  

Product Liability Insurance is to cover you in case a customer suffers an injury or property damage from your products. 

Commercial Property Insurance is necessary to cover your location, contents like tools, supplies etc. as well as the equipment you use in your business. 

Commercial Auto Insurance will cover the company vehicles, you and your staff drive.

Garage Auto Insurance coverage is a key coverage for all window tinting businesses as it specifically cover your organization for third party liability and/or physical damage for third party (i.e. customer vehicles) that are in your care, custody and control.  

You have invested a great deal in your Window Tinting Business, from time and energy to equipment and a shop. The right insurance coverage protects your investment from incidents that commonly occur in the regular course of business.  Speak to an ALIGNED agent today to discuss the best coverage for you. 

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