Small Business Insurance Application

Small Business Insurance Application

Starting your own business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour—you have the freedom to work your own hours, execute on your own vision/strategy, and you can provide jobs and a place to work for others and give them the ability to provide for their own futures, and you have the potential to earn more than you would at a different job.

However, starting a business is not without risks. Studies show that about 49 per cent of startups in Canada fail within the first five years. Many times this is because of improper planning, lack of business knowledge, failure to conduct market research or simply setting unrealistic expectations. There are many ways to help improve the chances of success for your small business including insuring adequate insurance coverage is purchased to ensure your small business isn’t shut down by an unexpected lawsuit or uncovered loss of property or assets.

Completing a small business insurance application and securing some small business insurance options that can help improve your businesses chance of success should be part of every small business planning and budgeting process.  A small business insurance application can be DOWNLOADED HERE and is also available in the Get A Quote section.

What Does A Small Business Insurance Application Cover?

The typical Small Business Insurance Application usually combines multiple types of policies and eliminates the need to complete all or some of the following:

Small Business Insurance Application For Commercial General Liability Insurance

Small Business Insurance Application For Commercial Property Insurance and/or Machinery Breakdown / Boiler & Machinery Insurance

Small Business Insurance Application For Crime/Employee Dishonest Insurance

Once an application is completed it should be returned to an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate who will review the information provided and work with you to develop a strategy to secure the best insurance available for your organization that is specifically tailored to your needs.

To learn more about what type of information is needed to complete a small business insurance application or if you have any questions about the small business insurance application contact an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate Today.

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