Gas Station Insurance

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Gas stations are essential for personal and commercial drivers across the country. Whether you are commuting to work, making a commercial delivery, or going on a family road trip, gas stations are one of the inevitable stops along your journey.

Gas stations not only provide fuel for vehicles but often sell snacks, provide (often much-needed) restroom services, and other small essentials that people on the go will need. Although operating a gas station business seems straightforward, the mix of fuel, people, vehicles, etc., combined with people who are tired, in a hurry, etc., can be dangerous and toxic to people and the environment as accidents can happen.

With gas station insurance from ALIGNED, every gas station owner can protect their business against risks of liability and litigation.

Why is Gas Station Insurance Coverage Important?

Gas station insurance
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Gas station insurance is required as fuel can be dangerous, and gas stations use special equipment to pump fuel into the machines. Whether customers are fueling their cars or making a purchase, accidents can happen, especially when your customers are in a rush.

  • The gas pump malfunctions and spills fuel onto the ground, which starts a fire, and damages the property of multiple customers and causes injuries.
  • The floors of your gas station are wet after being mopped, and a customer falls and breaks their wrist.
  • The underground tanks used to store fuel malfunction, causing the gas station to lose profit and face repair costs.
  • A customer uses the restroom, and the stacked inventory in the hallways falls on top of the customer.

Having insurance coverage for your gas station from ALIGNED ensures that your business is covered against risks and accidents that can otherwise create costly repercussions.

What Does Gas Station Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance: Commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for injuries, bodily harm, and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations or while on your premises. For example, if a customer slips and falls, you are covered for lawsuits, losses, and medical expenses.

Pollution Liability Coverage: Every gas station insurance program should include pollution coverage as the risk of having to remediate a site from gas leaking from a storage tank and/or other on-premises contamination over time can be financially devastating.  

Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial property insurance protects the buildings, pumps, and any other commercial property that the business keeps on-premise. When the pumps malfunction or the building needs repairs, commercial property insurance can help.

Business Interruption Insurance: An extension of property insurance; business interruption insurance provides compensation when your gas station closes temporarily due to an unexpected event that’s out of your control, such as a flood. With this insurance, lost income, wages, repairs, and other related expenses will be covered.

Umbrella Liability Insurance: Damages caused by accidents at the pump can quickly become expensive lawsuits. Umbrella liability provides extra insurance coverage to help cover expenses beyond policy limits.

Find the Right Gas Station Insurance from ALIGNED

ALIGNED works with Canada’s top insurance companies to provide custom insurance policies at affordable prices. We help ensure gas station owners are adequately protected by getting them the right insurance coverage from the most trusted insurance company. Click Here To Get A Quote or contact one of our business insurance experts for information or with any questions you may have.

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