Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote

Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote

Need a Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote? We can help! Getting a commercial general liability insurance quote can often be more difficult than it needs to be.  ALIGNED Insurance brokers can help make getting  a commercial general liability insurance quote easy for simple risks like professional service firms who don’t make or sell any physical goods and don’t complete any services to third parties outside of there premises.  ALIGNED Insurance brokers can also help with complex risks and our insurance brokers work with numerous companies that have high hazard liability risks and/or a frequency of liability drive claims.  Whatever your situation ALIGNED Insurance brokers can get you a commercial general liability insurance quote.

How Do I Get A Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote?

To get a commercial general liability insurance quote just email answers to the below questions to and our commercial insurance brokers will take care of the rest!

  1. Legal name of the organization applying for a commercial general liability insurance quote:
  2. Full Mailing Address of the location being insured and the organization (if they differ please provide bot):
  3. How much commercial general liability insurance do you need ($1M-$5M)?:
  4. Has your organization been in operation for at least 12 months? (Y/N)
  5. Does your organization have any of the following in the USA (Y/N)
    • Premises /Operations
    • Subsidiaries
    • Employees
  6. Organization’s fees/revenues for their last complete financial year?:
  7. Do all/100% of your organizations’s fees/revenue emanate from within Canada? (Y/N)
    • If no, provide percentage breakdown of fees/revenue between, Canada, USA, and elsewhere
  8. Are the premises or office building occupied by your organization (Y/N)
    • solely as offices (or office/retail or office/residential mixed use development)
    • or as part of their private dwelling?
  9. Does your organization (Y/N)
    • manufacture or sell any physical products?
    • undertake any manual work away from the Applicant’s premises?
    • undertake any trackside work or safety signalling work for railways?
    • undertake any airside work (at airports etc)?
    • undertake any offshore work?
  10. Is Office Contents and/or Business Interruption cover required?
    If yes, the Sum Insured required in respect of Office Contents (up to $1,000,000)
  11. Warranty Questions:
  • Have any claims been made to the knowledge of your organization against your organization, any business predecessors, or any of the present or former partners and/or officers within the last 5 years? (Y/N)
  • Are you aware of any fact or circumstance which could give rise to a claim against the Applicant or any business predecessors, or any of the present or former partners and/or officers? (Y/N)
  • To the knowledge of any Partner, Executive Officers, Director or Employee, has any company declined or terminated the insurance for the Applicant, any business predecessors or any present or former partners an/or officers? (Y/N)
  • Has the organization ever been refused insurance? (Y/N)

That’s It!  Just email the answers to us at and our experienced commercial insurance brokers will take care of the rest!

For A Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote Or For Questions Regarding Getting A  Commercial General Liability Insurance Quote Call An ALIGNED Insurance Broker Today At 1-866-287-0448

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