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Insurance For Auto Body Repair Shops In Canada

Insurance for auto body repair shops in Canada is easy to find, if you know where to look. It’s important that you work with an insurance company who understands your business. Insurance for auto body repair shops should be customized to each garage. You want to know what types of insurance you need in order to maintain full coverage. In this article, you’ll learn exactly what you need in order to get your insurance for auto body repair shops in Canada.

Auto body repair shops offer a wide range of services which could make it challenging to get insurance coverage that covers you for any outcome. Shops like A-Canadian Auto Body and Mechanical Centre in Calgary offer services from oil changes to accident repair. This is a family owned business opened since 1989 and deals with both imported and domestic cars. Shops like this require insurance coverage for liability involved in on-site and off-site incidences.

Brock Road Garage in Guelph offers maintenance and accident repair, but that doesn’t mean the businesses are the same. This garage digitally documents required repairs so the customer can decide what is necessary to fix immediately versus waiting. They can show you how your rotors deteriorate from one visit to the next and offer advice on when replacements are needed. Insurance for auto body repair shops in Canada should be specific to the shop, just as a repair is specific to the model.

What Types Of Insurance Do Auto Body Repair Shops Need?

Auto body repair shops need Commercial General Liability Insurance in case of on-site injuries. If a customer is injured in your shop because they tripped on a wrench or knocked over a pile of tires, you need liability insurance. The purpose of this type of insurance is to provide coverage for legal costs that come from claims like this. If a custom hurts themselves in your shop, you need to know that you won’t have to close your doors because of these unexpected costs.

Shops need garage auto liability insurance in order to provide cover for damage to a customers vehicle while in the shops care, custody and control. garage auto insurance also covers your shop if it injures a third party while driving someone else’s vehicle during a test drive or simply just moving it. This type of insurance can help you rest easy knowing that accidents that happen outside your shop will not cause harm to your business.

Every location should have Property Insurance. Your shop may be at a higher risk for weather related damages if your garage is not airtight. It’s also likely that you have customer property on site as well as your own property. If a storm causes electrical damage or flooding you want your insurance to help cover costs.

Your shop should also have Crime Insurance in case of employee or customer crimes. If an employee steals your equipment or a customer commits credit card fraud, your insurance can help mitigate those losses. Insurance for auto body repair shops in Canada should offer protection against potential losses your business might face.

Customized Insurance For Auto Body Repair Shops

Insurance for auto body repair shops in Canada is different between shops depending on the services you offer. Your insurance company should be basing your rates and coverage options on your annual revenue, the number of employees you have and the types of cars you work on.

If the bulk of your revenue comes from oil changes and winter tires, your insurance coverage should be different from a shop that specializes in body repairs for high-end imported vehicles. The problem is, that some insurance companies don’t put enough emphasis on distinguishing these differences between shops. At ALIGNED Insurance we search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada to find the package that best fits your shop. Insurance for auto body repair shops in Canada should be customized so that you know you have coverage for the work you do.

How Do I Get Insurance For An Auto Body Repair Shops?

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