Insurance For Shoe Repair Stores In Canada

Insurance For Shoe Repair Stores In Canada

Insurance for shoe repair stores in Canada is just as important as it is for any other retail store. Shoe repair stores have special insurance needs that differ from shoe stores and from tailors or alterations shops. Insurance for shoe repair stores should be customized to each individual store.

You can talk to an insurance broker about what types of insurance are most important to your store. Just call ALIGNED Insurance at 1-866-287-0448. Or you can use our simple form to get an insurance quote started now.

CBC reported the Award-winning Thunder Bay cobbler marks shop’s 4th anniversary. In this article we hear about Martin Sugg from Timeless Shoe Repair in Thunder Bay. He won the Silver Cup from the Shoe Service Institute of America in 2017. It’s business owners like Martin who remind us that in a material world, not all possessions have to be fleeting.

Why Insurance For Shoe Repair Stores Should Be Customized

Insurance for shoe repair stores in Canada is different than other shoe retailers or tailors and seamstresses. Customized insurance can account for specific aspects of your business. Aspects like: employees you might hire, how many repairs you complete in a year, and the value of the products that you work with. Your high value sewing machines and cobbler’s tools should be properly insured. This might not happen if your insurance company treats your business like it’s a shoe retailer.

It’s important that your insurance company understands your business in order for you to get the right coverage. You also want your insurance company to be charging you the right price. At ALIGNED Insurance we search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada to find the insurance package that fits your business. We can do the leg work for you so that you can get back to running your business.

What Types Of Insurance Does A Shoe Repair Store Need?

Shoe repair stores need Commercial General Liability Insurance to offer coverage for potential injuries that happen in your store. If a customer is injured by your equiptment or someone trips on their way into your store, your insurance can cover potential legal costs from that incident. You need to be sure that an accident that happens in your store doesn’t result in your business shutting it’s doors.

Shoe repair stores need Product Liability Insurance. This type of insurance covers legal costs from a customer being injured once they’re home with the product you sold them. Product liability insurance covers for products that are defective or malfunctioning. Your repairs could fail, even with the best craftsmanship. With product liability insurance, you are protected in the event that a customer harms themselves with your product.

Every brick and mortar store needs Property Insurance. This type of insurance offers coverage for weather and storm damage, as well as other potential risks to your store. If a storm blows through and breaks your front window, you need to know that your insurance will cover the cost. Property insurance helps mitigate losses from unknown risks we can’t always plan for.

Your business needs Crime Insurance in case you’re a victim of employee or customer crime. If your employee steals from you, never to be heard from again, your insurance company can cover your losses. If a customer commits credit card fraud, your insurance company can help get your money back.

Where Do I Get Insurance For A Shoe Repair Store In Canada?

You can get insurance right away with ALIGNED Insurance Online Products. All it takes is a quick questionnaire, and we can get you insured fast in order to protect your business before an incident occurs. If you’d like to talk to an ALIGNED Insurance broker to discuss customized insurance for shoe repair stores in Canada, call us at 1-866-287-0448. We can help take the guesswork out of finding insurance. It’s our job to make sure you have coverage for every risk that concerns you, and that your insurance is affordable for your business. Don’t pay for the same insurance as a shoe retailer. Let us find you the insurance that best fits your business.

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