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Garage Keepers Insurance Demystified

garage keepers insurance

Garage Keepers Insurance

Garage Keepers Insurance coverage is designed to offer protection for business owners who offer towing services, operate service stations or take care custody or control of someone else’s vehicle. This coverage protects customer vehicles while they are kept at the business location for parking, storage or to perform maintenance or services in the event of fire, theft, vandalism, explosion or lightning. Garage Keepers Insurance coverage is held in the business owners name, but is is intended to reimburse clients should the business be legally liable for damage to their vehicle.

Garage Keepers Insurance is Designed for:

  • Automotive, motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, recreation vehicle dealers
  • Garages and service stations
  • Restaurants, hotels, bars, private clubs and special event operations with valet parking
  • Private parking lots, parking structures and airport parking lots
  • Car washes, car detailing services, window tinting services, vehicle modifications services, etc.
  • Other businesses that accept custody or control of vehicles belonging to others for a fee

Garage Keepers Insurance Limits

  • Customers will often determine Garage Keepers Insurance coverage limits by considering the average value of vehicles in your care multiplied by the average number of vehicles in your care at any given time.
  • You must select a Garage Keepers Insurance per-vehicle deductible that is to be paid by you in case of a damaging incident. Then, the insurer covers the remaining amount, up to your Garage Keepers Insurance limits.

Typical Garage Keepers Insurance Exclusions

  • Contractual obligations
  • Theft by the insured
  • Defective parts or faulty work
  • Loss of sound reproducing equipment, unless it is permanently installed
  • Loss of CDs and tapes
  • Loss of sound receiving equipment (CBs, mobile radios and telephones), unless it is installed in the dash or console
  • Radar detection equipment

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