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Timing is everything. You know this and so do your clients. As a design-build contractor or design-builder, you are inherently aware that your firm holds ultimate responsibility for the success…or failure of a construction project. In fact, two of the most frequently cited advantages of the design-build approach are cited by Wikipedia:

  • “Efficiency: Typically led by contractors, ‘design–build’ has evolved as an efficient way to deliver projects primarily where the building project goals are straightforward, either constrained by budget, or the outcome is prescribed by functional requirements (for example, a highway, sports facility, or brewery). Construction industry commentators have described design–build as a high performance ‘construction project delivery system’, a dynamic approach to making buildings that presents an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build approach.
  • Single-source: Design–build is growing because of the advantages of single-source management: Unlike traditional design-bid-build, it allows for the owner to contract with just one party who acts as a single point of contact, is responsible for delivering the project and coordinates the rest of the team. Depending on the phasing of the project, there may be multiple sequential contracts between the owner and the design–builder. the owner benefits because if something turns out to be wrong with the project, there is a single entity that is responsible for fixing the problem, rather than a separate designer and constructor each blaming the other.”1

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Your focus is on delivering expertise to each and every design-build project that you manage. As the owner or manager of a construction firm that focuses on design-build projects, it’s important to get general liability coverage that precisely dovetails with the many on-the-job exposures your firm faces.

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If you are googling “where to get design-build commercial general liability in Canada” this informative article pulls together some essential CGL coverage insights.

Coverage in context | Commercial general liability + design-build projects

Managing risk isn’t always as simple as lacing up a pair of CSA approved steel-toed safety boots before you and your client tour of a design-build project. As anyone who works in the building industry knows, risk has the potential to trip you up at the exact moment when you least expect it.

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While the dangers of inspecting an active job site may seem glaring obvious, your professional offices may seem to be relatively safe. But risks can happen anywhere. That’s why if a client accidentally slips on a carpet in your offices and breaks an ankle, your commercial general liability is specifically designed to respond. 

Quite simply, commercial general liability – also referred to as CGL and/or general liability – is foundational coverage for any Canadian business that operates in any industry.

Unexpected bodily injury and property damage can and will occur when you as a business owner least expects it. Your commercial general liability is designed to provide specific protection against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage related to your organization’s completed operations, premises, operations, products, as well as advertising and personal injury liability.

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Design-build Commercial General Liability in just 3 simple steps

We make it simple to buy CGL insurance for your design-build firm. To get the process rolling, you just need to complete the following steps. 

  1. Download the Design-Build Commercial General Liability Insurance Application Form
  2. Answer and complete the Design-Build Commercial General Liability Insurance Form (note that you can input your answers electronically into the PDF form)
  3. Sign and return your completed application to an ALIGNED Insurance broker by emailing it to

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Q&A  |  What insurers want to know about your business operations 

Your clients expect you to manage every step of the design-build process. Insurance companies follow a similar approach when assessing the day-to-day risks and exposures that your commercial business faces.

Here’s a selection of some questions you’ll need to answer when you apply for design-build commercial general liability insurance

  • Where is your firm located?
  • Do you sublet any work? If yes, please describe.
  • When does your current general liability policy renew?
  • What is your present insurance company and policy number?
  • Are your subcontractors required to carry liability insurance and provide liability certificates?
  • Are all of your firm’s employees covered by Worker’s Compensation?
  • What is your company’s claims experience for the past three years?
  • Has any insurance company cancelled, declined or refused to renew or issue a type of insurance?

Every day, design-build firms face highly unique risks and exposures. Across Canada, our experienced commercial insurance brokers understand how to precisely-fit the most efficient and effective liability coverage for your business. 

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