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Insights | How to buy E&O for engineering technicians in Canada

Skilled trade. As an engineering technician, your well-honed skills in producing and communicating design data are valued by your professional colleagues who work as architects, project managers, technologists and engineers. You understand planning, design, construction and building management tools as well as the most current technologies. From conceptualization to construction and maintenance, you play an integral role in Canada’s booming building industry.

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According to Wikipedia, “Engineering technicians help solve technical problems in many ways. They build or set up equipment, conduct experiments, and collect data and calculate results. They might also help to make a model of new equipment. Some technicians work in quality control, where they check products, do tests, and collect data. In manufacturing, they help to design and develop products. They also find ways to produce things efficiently. There are multiple fields in this job such as; software design, repair, etc. They may also be people who produce technical drawings or engineering drawings.”1

Whether you work for an architectural office, engineering firm, construction company or for municipal, provincial or federal government, you bring sought-after skills to the table as an engineering technician.

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The following article provides some helpful insights when you are looking to secure errors and omissions insurance for engineering technicians in Canada. 

Always proceed with caution |  A Canadian engineering failure

When it comes to engineering, the smallest overlooked detail can be catastrophic. If materials, design, human errors, extreme conditions or any combination of these elements fail, things may quickly spiral into a worst-case scenario. The collapse of a brand-new commercial building roof in British Columbia highlights just how quickly things can go terribly wrong.

“The Station Square collapse (also known as the Save-On-Foods collapse) was a major structural failure of a new supermarket and parking facility in Burnaby, BC.  

In 1988, within minutes of the grand opening of a new Save-On-Foods store, a 6,400 square ft. section of the roof collapsed, sending the rooftop parking deck along with 20 cars into the produce section below. Luckily there were no fatalities.

After an investigation, the cause of the failure was determined to be a faulty design. The roof beam that failed was too thin to support the weight above, the concrete topping was too thick, and there were other material factors involved in the collapse.

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The project wasn’t properly overseen and there was a lot of miscommunication as to whom approved what. In order for disasters like these to be avoided, it’s important that designers be familiar with building codes, accurate 3D modeling, and effective team communication skills – fundamental elements of a cad diploma.”2

Unforeseen engineering mistakes can and do happen. This is why it is so important to have E&O – aka Errors and Omissionsinsurance in place that’s built to address the unique risks and highly specific exposures you face on the job as an engineering technician.

E&O – Essential liability coverage for Canadian engineering technicians  

Just because you know how to precisely fit project elements together doesn’t mean you can anticipate every possible outcome. Even with all of your knowledge and experience, you know that no one individual is 100% perfect 100% of the time. 

In fact, the potential impact of a single E&O liability situation can quickly impact your bottom line. Here’s how:

  • “An allegation of negligence can have a significant financial impact on the individual or the firm providing these technical services. 
  • Statistics show that the average cost of defending a claim for an architectural technologist or technician is $91,000.
  • A lawsuit doesn’t need to have merit to have a financial impact on your business, not to mention the potential damage to your reputation. Often claims against architectural technicians and technologists arise out of design errors that are revealed after a project has been completed.”3

As an engineering technician, you need to know that your essential liability risks will be covered. That’s why you need errors and omissions insurance that’s specifically engineered to cover the unique liability exposures of the work you do.

Thankfully, we make it easier to get your E&O coverage aligned. All you need to do is click to download our application for errors and omissions insurance for engineering technicians in Canada.

Engineered for your risks | Get errors & omissions for engineering technicians

You face unique risks in your day-to-day work as an engineering technician. This why E&O insurance is designed to cover large legal defence costs that are incurred trying to prove liability or innocence as well as the final judgment if your business does not win the lawsuit.

Just click to download our E&O engineering technicians insurance application.

Once you have completed the errors and omissions for engineering technicians application, return it to us at

An experienced ALIGNED commercial insurance broker will contact you to discuss all the details of the work you do as an engineering technician. Your dedicated ALIGNED broker will work with you to get you aligned with the best errors and omissions liability coverage for your business.

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An experienced ALIGNED commercial insurance broker will contact you to discuss all the details of the work you do as an engineering technician. Your dedicated ALIGNED broker will work with you to get you aligned with the best errors and omissions liability coverage for your business.

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