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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to buy something, but you didn’t have all the information and could use some help? Are you tired of being “sold to” and having someone push their product on you when you have a feeling better options are out there? If either situation or similar situations have occurred when trying to get the best product and price for your needs you are probably the type of person that would appreciate a response to a question like “what are the benefits of working with a commercial insurance broker?’ The reality is there are countless benefits to having a commercial insurance broker fighting for you as their are many nuisances and complexities to securing the best and right commercial insurance.

The Benefits Of Working With A Commercial Insurance Broker

There are many benefits to working with a commercial insurance broker including:

  • Having someone specifically trained to identify risk/exposures in your organization.
  • Skilled negotiators on your side that use competition among insurers to ensure you get the best pricing and product.
  • Someone to do the shopping around for you. Spending time researching the products needed and trying to shop around to various primarily online and direct options is painful!
  • Access to commercial insurance experts that can answer questions, issue documentation like certificates of insurance, review documentation like leases and other contracts to ensure you have the right insurance needed to satisfy third parties.
  • A trusted advisor to help guide you through the claims process
  • Someone looking out for you each time you policy renews. Insurance policies renew each year and it’s really important that they are reviewed regularly to ensure the coverage meets the needs of your business.
  • Access to many different insurers and products. For example ALIGNED Insurance has access to over 65 top Canadian insurance companies

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