After School Program Insurance

After School Program Insurance

Before and after school programs. For working parents, they’re a lifesaver. Your service allows them to work and commute without the added stress of worrying about their children. Your after school program also offers kids the opportunity to finish their homework, exercise and practice vital social skills.

But caring for children is a massive responsibility and comes with risks. Our After School Program Insurance packages can help protect from those risks so you can continue providing a fun and safe environment for your students. 

After School Program Insurance – The Basics

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Basic after school program insurance generally includes:

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

Commercial general liability insurance is one of the basic coverages that every business needs. It can cover your after school program for the costs associated with injuries to third parties and  third party property damage that your company may be held liable for. 

Example: A child in your after school program injures her leg during a soccer game and her rehab isn’t covered by the provincial health plan. Her father also has to miss work to take care of her.

If included, a CGL policy can cover the medical expenses and lost wages of the father should he sue.

Commercial general liability insurance can also cover your after school program for lawyer’s fees, defence costs, settlements and judgements against you for lawsuits alleging personal injuries, property damage, false advertising and libel or slander. 

Example 1: While you or one of your staff is distracted, a child with a food allergy trades his snack for one that he is allergic to. He is rushed to the hospital and everything works out for the best, but his parents sue for damages.

Example 2: You are served with a lawsuit alleging loss of income due to slander for disparaging comments made by one of your staff members to a parent about a daycare centre down the street.

In both cases, if the incidents are covered by your CGL policy, your legal expenses including out-of-court settlements and awards for damages would be paid by the insurance company.

CGL policies for organizations that care for children often include additional Abuse Liability coverage which can cover legal expenses, settlements and judgements for suits alleging liability or negligence in sexual, physical and emotional abuse cases. 

Other Insurance Coverages Your After School Program May Need

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