Frank Cowan Insurance Products Overview

Why Choose Frank Cowan Insurance Products?

Frank Cowan Insurance Company has been providing specialty insurance products to Canadians for over eight decades and is one of the many insurers ALIGNED Insurance is proud do business with because of their experience, expertise and consistency in providing insurance for a number of classes of business that the insurance considers high risk. Frank Cowan Insurance Compay have built trusted relationships with organizations and brokers like ALIGNED Insurance to help us understand the complex issues specialty organizations face. Frank Cowan Insurance Compay prefers to take a proactive approach when building and reviewing the Frank Cowan insurance products it offers that is rooted in prevention and innovation.

More About Frank Cowan Insurance

Comprehensive and professional proposals outlining features and benefits of the coverages offered to your client. Complete package of coverages modified to meet the needs of your client. Knowledgeable advice, information and full service from underwriters, claims and risk management staff. For select accounts, a company representative is available to meet with you and your clients to discuss our products and coverages in detail. They can accompany you to present terms to the client, council or board as required, and will be available as a resource to you.

Frank Cowan Insurance Public Entity Products:

  • Children’s Aid Societies Health Units Hospitals (excluding Obstetrics)
  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Non-Acute Care (chronic, psychiatric, etc.) Municipal
  • Incorporated Municipalities
  • Affiliated Municipal Services First Nations
  • Native Friendship Centres
  • Native Resource Centres
  • Tribal Councils Non-Profit Housing

Frank Cowan Insurance Products For Specialty Programs & Associations:

  • Arts, Culture & Community
  • Cemetery Boards
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Community Centres
  • Economic Development Boards
  • Historical Societies
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Theatres
  • Health, Education or Community Service related to Children & Youth
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Camps (Health, Education or Community Service related)
  • Youth Detention Centres / Homes • Youth Foster Care / Support – Drop-in Centres – Foster Agencies – Group Homes – Support Services Community Services
  • Advocacy and Fundraising • Associations related to Community Services
  • Community Resources – Crisis Centres – Supervised Access – Victims Services – Safety Villages – Support Groups
  • Food Banks and Soup Kitchens • Neighbourhood Associations
  • Reintegration Services – Counselling – Employment Services – Halfway Houses – Restorative Justice – Youth Detention Centres
  • Shelters – Domestic Violence – Family Crisis – Homeless – Pregnancy Support – Supervised Access Daycares & Schools
  • Daycare Centres • Before and After School Programs (excluding home-based operations)
  • Schools – Pre-schools – Elementary and Secondary Private Schools – Schools of Higher Education and Colleges – Alternative Schools – Montessori Schools – Alternative Language Schools – English as a Second Language – Faith-based Schools – Schools with residences – Schools for the Disabled •
  • School Buses (Individual Units and Fleets)
  • School Boards
  • School Student Associations (if school is insured with us)
  • Tutoring Centres (excluding homebased operations) Disability Support Services
  • Community Living • Disability Support Agencies – Non-Residential care for Physical and/or Mental Disabilities – Assistance and Support to Families – Employment Services and Skill Training
  • Disability Transit
  • Group Homes – Residential Care for Physical and/or Mental Disabilities Elder Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement Homes
  • In-Home Medical Support Services
  • Seniors Transit Health & Wellness
  • Medical Clinics – Community Health Centres – Family Health Teams – Nurse Practitioner Clinics – Sleep Clinics
  • Psychological Counselling – Residential or Non-residential – Services for Families, Individuals and/or Youth – Family Resources – Victims Services – Crisis Centres
  • Rehabilitation / Addiction Support – Medical/Health-Related Residential Care Facilities – Halfway Houses – Counselling and Support – In-Home Medical Care
  • Support Agencies – Adoption Services (domestic only) – Disease specific (Cancer, HIV/ AIDS, Alzheimer’s, etc.) – Condition specific (Blindness, Deafness, etc.) – In-Home Medical Care – Community Care Access Centres – Hospices – Governing Associations – First Aid Training

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