ALIGNED Proudly Supports Tree Canada

ALIGNED Proudly Supports Tree Canada

ALIGNED Insurance believes that it is a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs and that it is our corporate social responsibility to give generously and regularly to support the great work charitable and not profits organisations do every day across Canada.

As part of our commitment to give regularly, every month an ALIGNED Advocate selects a Canadian charity of their choice and ALIGNED makes a donation to that organization on their behalf. In recognition of the great work they do, Sydni Felice has selected Tree Canada for the month of April 2017.

More About Tree Canada

Tree Canada was founded in 1992 as the “National Community Tree Foundation” and was originally funded by the Canadian Forest Service within Natural Resources Canada. It became known as “Tree Canada” in 2007.

“For 25 years, Tree Canada has engaged communities, governments, corporations, and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians. Under the direction of our volunteer board of directors, we provide Canadians with education, technical expertise, and resources to plant and care for urban and rural trees.”

Their overall vision is to “grow better places to live” through planting and nurturing the environment while teaching about the value of trees.

“We are committed to a greener, greater Canada.”

Volunteers and sponsors help Tree Canada achieve its goals to reforest areas across Canada and provide environmental education on the importance of trees to the environment and our health.

In 2012, Tree Canada celebrated its 20th anniversary. With the support of environmentally-conscious businesses and organisations, they have planted over 80 million trees to date and continue to grow and inspire Canadians to plant, care for and maintain trees across the country.

Source: Tree Canada

To Learn More about ALIGNED Insurance, Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, or Tree Canada, speak to an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate Today.

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