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Getting down to business. You may be running a retail outlet in Red Deer, setting up a cannabis business in Calgary, or entering into a new market in Edmonton. Wherever you are located, when you are looking for business insurance Alberta solutions you need to work with an expert. You need someone you can count on to precisely align coverage with the risks you are facing.

A recent article in the Calgary Herald signals some new Alberta business opportunities such as, “Calgary-based Mainstreet Equity [is shrugging of] unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic to post double-digit third-quarter growth. Mainstreet, which operates more than 13,500 rental properties mainly in Western Canada, is looking to expand further and believes the year ahead will provide an excellent opportunity for growth.”1

In addition, there are new opportunities for businesses transitioning online, “The City of Calgary will work with Google Canada to help 90 artists and small businesses set up an online marketplace with the help of MBA students.”2

Meanwhile, businesses – such as Whole Leaf greenhouse in Coaldale – are innovating. Recently Wendy’s selected Whole Leaf to supply 364 restaurants across Canada because it “is a dedicated green-producer of lettuce, using no pesticides, consuming up to 90 per cent less water than field-grown lettuce and reducing its emissions by capturing waste heat and carbon dioxide, which allows the company to be completely self-sufficient for electricity and heating. The lettuce is also grown in Canadian-sourced peat.”3

Thus whether you’re growing or changing your business, aligning the best business insurance options is nothing short of essential.

In addition to our Calgary, Alberta location, our operations team based in Cambridge, Ontario and insurance brokers across Canada all have significant business insurance experience.

To help you get down to business, we’ve brought together some insights about what you need to know about getting the best business insurance products for your Alberta business below.

Starting up an Alberta business? 

Start small. Like most other Canadian businesses, Alberta business owners often start out small. This is why Business Link is delivering tools and resources for individuals who are starting, running and/or growing a business in the province. For newbie entrepreneurs they provide free one-on-one business guidance that can help you navigate entrepreneurship opportunities. In addition, they also provide practical advice. For example, they can help you:

  • “Understand and navigate the startup process including regulations and licensing
  • Gather secondary market research
  • Review your business plan
  • Explore your financing options
  • Get connected with resources and support in the business community including access to local business experts
  • Get educated about business essentials by local professionals
  • Share and collaborate with other small business owners
  • Access specialized support for Indigenous and immigrant entrepreneurs”4

Further to this, they can also provide free data and market research expertise. And to help you connect with other small business owners in Alberta, new live peer-to-peer virtual group discussions are now available.

In addition, these unique “Peerpreneur Sessions” are facilitated by a Business Link strategist and specifically “designed to help strengthen connections between small business owners across Alberta during the COVID-19 pandemic.”5

According to Business Link, “Peerpreneur Sessions are for existing business owners who are currently operating a small business or startup in Alberta. This program is for you if you are a business owner who:

  • Feels alone on the entrepreneurial journey and who seeks community and accountability as you run your business
  • Has specific business challenges and would benefit from brainstorming new ways to resolve these challenges
  • Wants a fresh outside perspective on your business”6

In the same vein as connecting with your peers, it’s important to work with business insurance Alberta experts who know the marketplace and how to connect you with the best possible insurance solutions for your business. In other words, working with commercial insurance experts who can help align the coverage you need to address your specific risk exposures.

ALIGNED brokers are the experts you need when you are starting up, growing or changing your business in Alberta.

Need insurance now? Access 100% online products now

Timing is everything. Therefore, this is why one of our simple business solutions is to make the buying process more convenient. And it’s why we’re constantly adding to our online business insurance products. For instance:

When it comes to insuring your Alberta business, we’re always working hard to make it easier to get aligned with 100% online commercial insurance products. In short, we’re 100% focussed on making the insurance buying process simple and straight-forward.

Above all, simplifying insurance helps you move forward, faster

The Canadian insurance marketplace is both vast and small. For example, there are fewer licensed insurance companies in Canada than you might think. To clarify, the total number of insurance companies is just over 100. Moreover, of this group, only 60 to 80 insurance companies write commercial insurance.

However, the industry expands to more than 38,000 property and casualty insurance brokers who work directly with Canadian business owners to connect them with coverage options. According to the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada, as the national voice for insurance brokers, the organization most importantly focusses on “representing and advocating for the best interests of insurance brokers and consumers.”7

Most certainly, working with an ALIGNED Insurance broker can help simplify the insurance buying process. Since day one, business insurance has been our focus and…it always will be.

Real Albertans reviewing us! | Read 6 recent Calgary client reviews

Across Alberta and Canada, business owners seek us out for our business expertise. This is we’re always proud when people take time to write a Google review about us.

For example:

  1. “Getting our business started during COVID was difficult but Aligned made getting insurance simple, and easy to understand. So many companies try to use ambiguous language and sales tactics. I wouldn’t have guessed getting insurance would be the easy part of the business.”
  2. “We insured our inventory and building with Aligned and the process was so seamless and fast we were thrilled to not have to get bogged down with insurance.”
  3. “Great price and fast response, we got everything handled quickly and that was important to me”
  4. “We insure all our special events through this team and we never had any issues and the price is great. We do a lot of our events on short notice and they respond fast.”
  5. “Aligned was able to insure my my cafe and retail store at the best price and in the least time.”
  6. Andrew and Kristen were an absolute pleasure to work with. Both very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. In this changing landscape our needs changed frequently in a short time. Andrew and Kristen were able to get us the coverage we needed in a timely and professional manner, and were able to work with our changing needs.”

In conclusion, ALIGNED Insurance brokers across Canada understand the marketplace and can help you get the best value and options for your Alberta business. Likewise, we’re constantly updating our Business Insurance Products and adding new Online Products as well too.

So if you are looking for specific information about business insurance Alberta, we invite you to check out these recent blog articles below.

To sum up, we take pride in making aligning business insurance Alberta solutions simple. Across the province and across Canada, we’re proud to deliver a different and better business insurance experience to our clients each and every day

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