How Do I Reduce Car Insurance Costs For Our Business?

How Do I Reduce Car Insurance Costs For Our Business?

How Do I Reduce Car Insurance Costs For Our Business Though My Driving Discount & What are some of the other benefits? We are often asked “How Do I Reduce Car Insurance Costs For Our Business?” there are a number of responses ranging from reducing limits, to increasing deductibles that often achieve clients goals to reduce car insurance costs for their business, but those come with trade-offs and real impacts to coverage should you have a claim.  One often misunderstood and overlooked opportunity to reduce insurance costs is to take advantage of program offered by insurers like Intact’s my Driving Discount.

  • Immediate Savings – you receive a 10% enrolment discount just for signing up and can earn a discount of up to 25% off your premium at your next renewal.
  • Ease of use – a small, easy to install device is plugged into the OBD port of your vehicle and records driving behaviour.
  • Lower Business Expenses – gives you a tool to help reduce your business insurance costs contributing to overall lower business expenses.
  • Customized – you receive a car insurance premium that reflects the way they drive.
  • Access to Information –  You as a business owners are able to access a personalized website for each vehicle enrolled and view the driving behaviour of your employees. This information can be used to help drivers on the policy improve the safety of their driving.
  • Risk Free – absolutely nothing to lose. Your  premium will not increase based on the data collected.

What types of commercial auto policies is my Driving Discount™ available on?

The program is available for Individually Rated Commercial Auto (IRCA) customers. It is not currently available for fleet customers.

 How do I know if my customer is eligible for the program?

Any driver that is a principle operator of an eligible vehicle can enrol in the program. For commercial automobile policies, any eligible vehicle that is not interurban, a public vehicle, antique or classic can receive the discount. The device is not compatible with heavy commercial vehicles (vehicle must have a valid VICC code). The vehicle must not be in storage at the time of enrolment and must have an OBD port and be compatible with the device. The customer must live in an area with the necessary cellular network coverage. The device should be placed in the eligible commercial vehicle and the named insured must provide consent and have a valid email address.

 Is there any cost to enroll in the program?

There is no cost to you or the customer for enrolling into the program.

Source: Intact

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